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Lincoln Riley: Commitment and Fidelity be flushed……..


When former Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops decided to retire five years ago he did so in a way that showed “fidelity” toward the school, the football program, and his personal friends and associates at the University. Bob Stoops has “class” and his faithfulness to the OU cause, was demonstrated by his actions and the loyalty and support continues to be exhibited today.


Coach Stoops chose a man that he thought would continue the winning of the football team as he moved to retirement.  Coach Stoops, had the Sooners in the best possible condition to continue the legacy of the program,  allowing it not to miss a beat with the new man in charge.  Lincoln Riley was the person he put under his wing and then gave the young and never before head coach his blessing to be the head of the program and lead it to future victories on the gridiron.  A great choice was praised by the Sooner nation.


In one day, Lincoln Riley showed that Bob Stoops made a terrible decision in handing over the reigns to him. Riley, in one day, threw five years of his hard work into the dumpster, wrecking a program that took from 1999 to yesterday to build.  The football program went into total a disarray shit sandwich within hours of a loss to Oklahoma State. 

Riley not only told the football world that he needed a change, but in doing so the 38 year old from West Texas has caused the Sooner program direct harm in taking away players, recruits, and smashed relationships of people that had faith in him. 

Riley showed he values his own personal agenda  (not always a bad thing), his own love of money, and a total disdain of others that have given him the opportunity of be successful.  Lincoln Riley is leaving OU and the new coach to follow in the opposite way Bob Stoops had set it up for him.

Tendencies of self first and to heck the bonds of past relationships is a road littered with losers of life.  Yes, money is important.  Riley and his agent pitted OU against USC and USC paid more.  Folks, believe what you want.  Like who you want.  Enjoy the road you take.   

A man raised to value things and money over people and the ladder of success without regard to the destruction caused shows character flaws.   Broken bridges show you what this “man” Lincoln Riley is all about.   He is not the fellow that the Sooner nation needs. To the point, he has, in his move, showed his colors (and that is another story).  Maybe Lincoln himself does not understand what he has done.  His move is not of Bob Stoops…… in “any good way.”

Good bye Lincoln Riley. Enjoy So Cal until you take that NFL job.  You are just another example of the times we live in.  And a good example of the sorry ass I think you are.


Feature photo:   Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley talks with his players during the second half of an NCAA football game against Oklahoma State on Saturday in Stillwater, Okla.  AP photo