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Honor and Fidelity…..missing in many circles of College Football…..




Brian Kelly tried to win over his new LSU fan base by appearing to use a fake Southern accent. (Photo: USA TODAY USPW via Reuters)


Lincoln Riley, for reasons that may not been published as of this writing, moved on from Oklahoma to the University of Southern California.  Riley had a great contract at OU.  In his years as the Sooner head coach he had established himself as a winner, not only on the football field, but in the homes of the top offensive recruits in the country.  Riley understands recruiting, the portal, and was able to get the very best of the best to come and be a Sooner.  Names like Murray, Hurts, Lamb and Humphrey fill the roster for  Riley, in going to So Cal is taking a great number of his current OU recruits (for 2022 and 2023 recruiting years) and said to the school in Norman, in so many words, “f… you.”  That is not an embellishment.  It is the gospel from anybody that knows a thing about college football.  The fact that Riley did not have the “honor and fidelity” to “his” Oklahoma Sooner program tells  a lot more about the game itself than Lincoln Riley in particular. Many coaches today at the highest level of college football are just out-and-out dishonest liars, not worth the time of day. With that, Riley showed what his colors are, and to say that it is the color of a deceiving snake would be appropriate in Norman, Tulsa, Cordell, and Sprio.  Again, I will not write, at this time, on the “why” he is now at USC and not OU, but the “real” truth will come out in time and more will be known about Riley the man and his morals.

Now to another dubious head coach, the winningest college football leader in Notre Dame history, Mr. Brian Kelly.  The 92 wins in South Bend be damned.  This man quit on this team, with a very successful season in progress, to move on to LSU to lead the Tigers.  A move that, like Lincoln Riley’s departure from OU, gives you a look into a persons character. He moved to LSU abandoning players he recruited to play for him for the reasons of personal interest. Financial motives,  a love of career over people, and a desire to please himself and his win/loss record with regard to championships, Kelly did what better men would not do. That is because Kelly is void of honor and fidelity, as of Lincoln Riley.

Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly are just two examples of men that have moved from school to school in a  pattern that has been set and will  continue.  The Les Miles way of changing jobs lives in this game with such guys. There are not enough of the Bob Stoops leading college team today.  This is especially true in a game that is full of greed, fraud (college football playoff system), and a media (ESPN) that is all about the two for mentioned in this sentence.