Saturday movies for the kids…..





Th The May Theater opened on May 15th, 1946. Grand opening ad in the photo section and below. (the Oklahoman newspaper)





I am eight years old and my sister is seven. My Mom and Dad let us off at the May Theater in the NW side of town. The theater seats approximately 950 and is a rather large neighborhood cinema. We are going to view two movies, especially for children,  and yes cartoons. We arrive about fifteen minutes before show time, just past noon on a good Saturday.   There will be over 500 kids in attendance, sometimes more.


The snack bar at the May is fabulous.  Patricia, my sister, and I,  start out with a soft drink and a carton of popcorn each with some sweet tarts for beginners. About 30 minutes later we get a hot dog with everything they could put on it.  I will never forget those paper cartons at the May.  Each theater in OKC had their distinctive popcorn sacks or containers.  The May had the best in town.  Our Dr. Pepper’s will last for a good hour.  After another thirty minutes we get a Charms sucker each, the big fat ones that often had the free coupon stuck under the wrapper.  All flavors were tasty.  I preferred cherry.   Some minutes later, another trip to the goodies stand for a dream cycle, vanilla ice cream surrounded by an orange coating. Time for another soda and we end the food fest with some shoe string potatoes.


After four and one half hours we exit the theater and walk to our parents car as they are waiting for us to take the family for a a ride to a restaurant for the evening meal. Both my my sister and I are not feeling well, swollen and with a head ache. We are in no mood for eating out that night. This would happen about twice a month.  On other Saturdays we would attend another movie house in OKC, the Penn Theater, or take a bus trip downtown for shopping and a stop at a cafeteria.  And that is also another story or two.  Have you read my writing on Gary Busey, the original terrorist who roamed the Penn Theater?  Link can be found on this site.