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Nebraska search heading to Norman, OK? Aranda in Waco is Alberts man……

Hey, OU’s Jeff Lebby is your man…

but the

Huskers want Baylor’s Aranda,

No, the Nebraska coaching search is NOT heading to Norman, but why not?


Nebraska is looking for a head coach for the football program.  Why not offer one of Oklahoma’s elite assistant coaches for the job?  I would and save a boat load of money.  Take your choice and I am sure they would do a wonderful job bringing back the Husker program.  Currently the word on the Lincoln streets is that the coaching search committee (Trev Alberts, AD folks) has targeted Baylor coach Dave Aranda.

My personal opinion is that Aranda is not a stupid man would not take the job unless they give him LIV golf money. He makes $2.5 million on a four year deal worth a total of $10 million.  Not big bucks right now.  But the guy could find greener pastures in the next few years that would be a better place to win and win big after BU.  The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, is not that place.  Aranda is not going to Nebraska.  And if he does, it is for the money and it will be significant dollars.

So how about Jeff Lebby or one of the other young guns at OU?  He or one of them  would be my choice.  And for those that want a proven head coach, did not they just fire one? Come on Huskers, you are in deep and you have not a clue on what to do.  Make a splash and get your man this time, not like your real man Scott Frost that did not work out.