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NBA All-Star Game is nothing but a publicity stunt……Young a starter and Paul not?




Yes, I would enjoy watching the greatest basketball players in the world playing in an all-star game, not only in the middle of a championship regular season,  but in fact, anytime….spring, summer or fall.


To get the view the best ballers in the world is not a time constraint issue.  Anyone going against “the Greek Freak” or Paul George working his offensive game to score on Kawhi Leonard,  I would watch that action no matter of the date.  But a system that has a “young” player that does not play any sort of defense (he plays half a game, offense only) starting the NBA All-star game and a much better overall player such as Chris Paul not, there is a fundament problem that needs to be questioned.


But as of the voting process that chooses the starting five and the exclusion of some of the best players for some of the more, as you might say, “sexy” ones, the game itself has become a marketing tool and publicity stunt to drum up the league as it disrespects some of the best and greatest players of the game.


This situation has caused many, including myself, to have little interest in this popularity contest and has become what the NFL has made their Pro Bowl.  A “shitter” of a game….unviewable.  



In it’s current form, the NBA All-Star game is a joke upon the fans of the Association. And if you like the way it is being carried out, good for you…..as you do not understand how disengeous this game has become to the greatest players in the game.



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One Response to “NBA All-Star Game is nothing but a publicity stunt……Young a starter and Paul not?”

  1. January 25, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    to clarify: yes, Paul plays in the west and Young in the east….but since the captains pick the squads a few days before the game, the NBA should have the best 24 players in the game and not be divided by ‘east and west’ as that is actually meaningless. Just get the best players…and Paul, today, is a much better player than Young….so is OKC”s SGA as his overall game is also better than Young.

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