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THE SEC EFFECT! Covering Up Mediocrity Football

We can already see the writing on the table. What type of writing you say? The writing that we as fans see every Sunday at 12:00 PM. The AP and Coaches Polls, the type of polls that change the landscape of College Football every week and apparently now every season. Some teams still get credit for what they did five years ago. While others suffer a one point loss and drop 15 spots while at the same time a team still gets credit for beating a team that ends up with 4 losses. These Polls are destroying College Football and the average fan doesn’t even see it coming. Now there is one conference out there that gets the benefit of the doubt every time.  That Conference is the SEC!



In the last two seasons, the SEC has shown signs of a downward trend. Every conference goes through from time to time.  But in this case (SEC) the media doesn’t want you to think that they are losing their hold as the top conference. Remember that self-proclaimed best division in football that went 1-5 in Bowl games last season. You have to, right? The best division in football was filled with fraud! Do I even need to talk about Ole Miss and Mississippi State or that five lost Auburn team. The SEC West was the best example of “media building”, to protect the ego of the past.


Unfortunately for college football fans that live outside the SEC, we can already see the same thing happening again this season.  Look at Ole Miss, Florida, and Texas A&M. Tell me, if a 6 point win over East Carolina, followed by a five point win over Kentucky, and finally a one point victory over Tennessee makes you a TOP 25 team in the nation is “ludicrous?”. If that team played in the ACC, BIG 10, BIG 12 or even the PAC 12 they would not even gets votes. The only reason why Florida is ranked right now is because of this weeks matchup verses Ole Miss. The media will add more votes to the polls in which will boost up teams in the TOP 25. Then they will make a big deal on how this team has turned the corner (to boost up TV ratings). It is the arrogance of how the SEC is treated over other conferences that bothers folks.


This Saturday night in Gainesville, the #25 Florida Gators could lose to #3 Ole Miss and then the media craziness will go away and you won’t hear a thing from them about Florida the rest of the season.  But later the press will bring up (Florida) again to help Ole Miss out. Saying stuff like “well they did go into the Swap and beat that good Florida team.” Huh!! I can already see that happening if Ole Miss is being considered for a Playoff spot. Now, I know this may make people mad but this is how College Football has been this season.  I guarantee you, that if, and I mean “if” Florida beats Ole Miss this weekend, the Florida Gators will be in the Top 10 in Sunday’s polls. This is called in my part of the country, “the SEC effect!” Over hyping upcoming teams so we can say that were the best and stay in the conversation for a playoffs.


Yes, you herd me! OVERRATED teams!! Many of you will read this and bring up the SEC and how great the Conference is.  ATTENTION SEC fans, please stop living in the past and basing these teams rankings from their teams ten years ago! That is why polls these days are judge by one game and not the body of work of the season. We still don’t know who the best team in the nation is and we might know until January. We do know the SEC will get over hyped every year for what they did five to ten years ago. This needs to stop, College Football is more balanced than ever and the stats prove it. (That a different subject for a different day.) So to you real college football fans, enjoy the season and watch as the SEC implodes on itself.


Bold Statement: SEC Champion will have two losses and will be left out of the Playoffs!


I will add my final four is still alive: (My Pre Season Picks) Ohio State, TCU, Michigan State, UCLA

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  1. September 30, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    I agree a lot on what you said James. But I will also say the SEC is a very good conference with some good teams and excellent players……

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