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My name is James Meunier, I am a diehard College Football fan and supporter of the Seminoles. I have also attended over a hundred College football games throughout the Southeast and Midwest. So far best Home field advantage has to be Clemson... Sorry folks, that place was amazing and loud. Anyways, I'm currently attending the greatest University on the face of the Earth called Florida State, but I'm not one of those type of fans that is all about FSU. I do watch a lot of football and have build up a passion for the ACC. So I hope you enjoy my ACC Football coverage here, from weekly picks to unknown stories about the ACC. This is My School, My Conference, My Dream. Hope you enjoy!

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College Baseball Week 2 Bracket Update!

Written By: on March 1, 2016
Posted in: Baseball, College Sports

    Gainesville Regional                                                                  Florida Georgia Tech UCF North Florida Greenville Regional                                                                    East Carolina Ole Miss Virginia Wolford Raleigh Regional                                                                            North Carolina State Alabama Oral Roberts Stony Brook…