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Sooner Softball Dynasty, Coach Patty Gasso, are as great as any in OU history


Sooner Coach Patti Gasso (photo found at KFOR, OKC)


Oklahoma has honored three big time football coaches with statues.  Bud, Barry, and Bob are all major figures in Sooner coaching lore.  Bud Wilkinson did it in the 50’s.  Barry Switzer some twenty or so yeas later.  Bob Stoops followed in the 2000’s.  Today, Patti Gasso, the foundation piece of Oklahoma softball, is making her claim as the fourth face on the Sooner Mount Rushmore of head coaches.  And this coach is as great as any that has stepped foot in Norman.  With four National Titles and 16 conference championships, Gasso has become the greatest working coach in softball.  Her Sooner softball program is the best in the country.


Another spot in the Women’s College Softball World Series was won by the Sooners Saturday with a super regional sweep of the Arkansas Razorbacks, giving the team an opportunity to win their third straight National Championship next week in Oklahoma City.UCLA is the only other school to win three straight.


The Sooners have won four titles since 2000, and have established themselves at the highest level of tradition in this sport. UCLA and Arizona, welcome the Sooner program in pushing you at the top of the game.


The Sooners have a great chance pulling off the three peat with superior and deep pitching while fielding a team as good as any in the areas of hitting, hitting with power, and fielding.  The fact is that OU is a loaded team from players that have migrated to Norman from all across the country. Women ball players do not get scholarships from Patti Gasso unless they are the cream of the crop in women’s softball.


Sure, the game is often times one of a few runs and anything can happen. Any team good enough to make the WCWS is good enough to take the championship trophy.   But do not think OU’s fourth seed in this years tournament is any indication of their superiority of the  sport.  The three teams ranked ahead of them, and everyone else in the field, know that the National Championship not only goes through Oklahoma City but through the Oklahoma Sooners.


Look for a third title more than likely. Softball at OU is the standard bearer of the sport right now and the future looks as bright as ever.

Feature Photo:  Oklahoma’s Lea Wodach, left, and Paige Parker react after retiring Arkansas in an NCAA college championship super regional softball game Saturday, May 26, 2018, in Norman, Okla. (Steve Sisney/The Oklahoman via AP 

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2 Responses to “Sooner Softball Dynasty, Coach Patty Gasso, are as great as any in OU history”

  1. May 28, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Thank-you for giving Coach Gasso lots of credit. She is so deserving.
    I love softball and all kinds of sports. I wish our school had allowed us to play . They not allow girls to play any kind sports until Title IX passed.
    Luckily for the girls they have opportunity to play sports.
    I have watched OU sports for many years . They have been and are remarkable !
    Boomer !
    Thank-you again ! Mr.Pahlke ! I appreciate your thoughts, knowledge and research !

    • May 28, 2018 at 7:42 pm

      Gasso has set the standard for softball coaching in the Big 12 and in this part of the country. She is currently the best women’s softball coach in the nation. Thank you Judy.

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