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Okla. State Defense Does Answer Texas Challenge; Texas Hooked by Officials?



Jerrod Heard, the red-shirt freshman QB might be the one player that brings the Texas Longhorns back to the green pastures of victory but today he was contained by a better than good and much tougher than expected OSU defense as the Pokes beat a game Texas 30-27 in Austin, TX.  A disappointing, less than full DKR Stadium of 87,000 plus change, watched the Horns go to 1-3 for the season, the worst start for UT since 1956. OSU stays undefeated at 4-0.  It was the conference opener for both. Oklahoma State has now taken four of the last six meetings with UT and are 6-21 in the history of the series.  The four wins have all been in Austin.




Texas Coach gets a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after bumping an official during the forth quarter in a game against Okla. State Univ. Eric Gay/Associated Press



If you listen to Texas fans, they were done-in by a corrupt and malicious group of Big 12 game officials and the game was jobbed by these men in striped shirts to ensure a Horn loss.  Matter of fact, Texas is a young team with some fine parts that haven’t a clue about winning football, coached by a man that might be in over his head.  I would like to advise Coach Charlie Strong that he came very close in his post-game comments in getting fined and if he raises the question of the officials later this week I fully expect him to suffer reprimands and fines from the Big 12.  Yes, most all of the calls went against Texas today, but in the long of it, it was a botched punt attempt in the last minute that set up OSU’s final game winning field goal with eight seconds to go in the game, giving notice that “losing” teams find a way to lose. Remind yourself about last week’s Texas’s missed extra point that took a tie away that would have sent the Horn’s into an overtime session. Texas fans, get this right. You have a loser in Texas football right now that is hanging on by a thread from discombobulating into a disaster.



Oklahoma State’s offense, after the first two drives for touchdowns in the first quarter played uninspiring and mostly conservative football.   Poke sophomore quarterback Mason Rudolph had his worst performance as a Cowboy, dropping one ball that was picked up and run in for a Texas score followed by a pick 6 on an overthrow in the second half, keeping UT in the game. It got so bad that OSU limited Rudolph’s passing after that 2nd pick that gave UT their only score in the final 30 minutes. Coach Mike Gundy inserted Poke backup J.W. Walsh, a better runner than Rudolph and used him often in the 2nd half.  Coach Gundy played the final 20 minutes close-to-the-vest, relying of the defense to stop Texas and Heard (Texas had 48 yards offense on 33 plays in the 2nd half) and letting the game come to his team.  Texas made the fatal mistake on their final possession which allowed Poke kicker Ben Grogan hit his third and game winner from 40 yards.  It was a masterful game plan for Gundy to go conservative, stop the mistakes, and take a 4th straight win over UT in Austin.  That has never been accomplished against the Horns by a program in it’s history.  Charlie Strong might coach at the most wealthy program in the country, but was out-coached today and showed that he (Gundy) is the better on-fiend coach.


We are going to hear a lot about a badly officiated game by the Texas nation this week.  That griping needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Texas is pulling at strings to find justification for the ineptness of winning in their program.  Yes, they are getting better and today we saw some fine talent in certain areas of this young team.  But on the whole, OSU is a young team also.  Blame the play, the officials, the coaching at UT. But the truth of the matter is that the UT program is getting better but the competition will continue to out-man them and more Saturday’s like today are to follow.


I have included a reprint from a disgruntled Texas apologist that blames the loss on the officials.  It just made my day in you want an honest opinion.


Some of the quotes of the article by writer:
(on the officials)  We didn’t watch incompetence.  We just watched corruption.  The question is – what kind?……. I saw calculation and the purposeful, constant opportunistic management of a game outcome…….This officiating crew had a clear bias problem, which means, by definition, a corruption problem and, perhaps, even a financial interest problem.  At least one of those descriptives is inarguable……..The game outcome was determined by the officiating crew.  Any other viewpoint is ignorant of objective and empirical reality.  Right now, I’m simply interested in determining what kind of human garbage we’re dealing with: pro Cowboy or anti-Texas game riggers, corrupt gamblers, straight up racists who want to undercut a predominantly black coaching staff at the state Flagship or simply petty small men who decided early on they were going to “get” Texas for some unknown slight.  I truly don’t know.  I’ve just never seen anything so blatantly purposeful in a football game…….We saw multiple instances of calculated fabrication – all against one team, all at key moments in the game flow…….We just watched a fixed football game.  The first I’ve ever seen or can recall in all of my years.
Looks like one UT writer is in a bad way tonight.  Well, good for him. There is no love lost here.  Move on.


Top Photo Credit:  Oklahoma State players celebrate after beating UT at Royal-Memorial Stadium on Saturday September 26, 2015. JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

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  1. Austin Peevey
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    Oklahoma and TCU will have their way with the Horns…..Pokes dodge a bullet,

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