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Saturday “4 PACK” — Yogi Berra Tribute

techcheerleader11Photo Above:  TCU has hot cheerleaders/showgirls… But you know this. A+ – Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports   
With the news of Yogi Berra passing this week. I wanted to do a Tribute version of the Saturday “4 PACK”

“You can observe a lot by just watching.”





#3 TCU (-4.5)  vs  Texas Tech

I smell a Upset!!!   Pick the Upset!

TCU  35   Texas Tech 37

“The future ain’t what it used to be”


#18 Utah vs (-10.5)  #13 Oregon

Look for the Ducks to get rolling early in this one a pull away! Ducks will cover.


“I never said half the things I really said”


#14 Texas A&M (-6.5) vs Arkansas  

Will Bret Bielema put in foot in his mouth again. Yogi quote is perfect for this game.   A coach that doesn’t know when to shut up and a Texas A&M team that can make it happen. Take Texas A&M to cover.   

      Texas A&M   35    Arkansas 17

“We made too many wrong mistakes”


#9 UCLA vs #16 Arizona

Game of the day in a Wide Open PAC 12 Race. UCLA is favored in this one but Vegas is close to making this a pick’em. This is your call, but I will pick UCLA to cover.

UCLA 31 Arizona 27


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