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Top 25, Bowl Games Projections WEEK 4 (by James M.)

Photo Above:  Ohio State running back Curtis Samuel breaks through the line of scrimmage to score a touchdown against Western Michigan during the fourth quarter of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State defeated Western Michigan 38-12. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)



James’s Top 25-Sept. 27

  1. Ohio State                  (Orange Bowl)
  2. Michigan State           (Cotton Bowl)
  3. Ole Miss                      (Cotton Bowl)
  4. TCU                              (Orange Bowl)
  5. Baylor                          (Sugar Bowl)
  6. Notre Dame                 (Fiesta Bowl)
  7. UCLA                            (Rose Bowl)
  8. Georgia                        (Sugar Bowl)
  9. LSU                               (Fiesta Bowl)
  10. Florida State               (Peach Bowl)
  11. Utah                            (Alamo Bowl)
  12. Clemson                    (Russell Athletic Bowl)
  13. Oklahoma               (Alamo Bowl)
  14. Alabama                    (Outback Bowl)
  15. Texas A&M                (Music City Bowl)
  16. USC                            (Holiday Bowl)
  17. Northwestern          (Rose Bowl)
  18. Stanford                     (San Francisco Bowl)
  19. Oklahoma State        (Russell Athletic Bowl)
  20. Wisconsin                  (Capital One Bowl)
  21. West Virginia            (AdvoCare V100 Bowl)
  22. Mississippi State       (Gator Bowl)
  23. California                  (Sun Bowl)
  24. Arizona                      (Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl)
  25. Toledo                        (Peach Bowl)


Elimination Saturday Week 4 (We say goodbye to the pretenders!)

Oregon, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Arizona State, Auburn

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