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MVP? Russell or James? It really does not matter in the whole of it…….



In the long of it, looking back at the 2016-2017 NBA Season from twenty years in the future, we will only remember who won the Most Valuable Player award in context with one of the greatest seasons a hoopster has ever had.  And that season will revolve around Russell Westbrook and his record breaking triple-double year.  And that will not be a knock on neither Russell Westbrook or James Harden, the two most dominating players in basketball of the past forty years in the Association.  The MVP loser will not be second in my mind.  I really could give a care if he, Westbrook wins the award, or if former team-mate of number zero, James “the beard” Hardin is voted the honor.  Both players are on historic runs for their respective teams, the Thunder of Oklahoma City, and the Rockets of Houston.  Both players are going to grace the Hall-of-Fame when their careers are finished.  But what Westbrook is accomplishing this season might never be witnessed again, as his role on the team that plays on Reno Street  may change next year.

James Harden plays with-in a system in Houston that their head coach  Mike D’Antoni has surrounded him with tremendous scores of the three point shot.  Harden is given an option to drive the basket or pass off to one his gunners and that puts him in a superlative position to score and assist the ball. He has also developed his game enough to rebound the ball allowing him to chase the triple-double each and every evening. Harden has also improved his defense (it could not have been any worse) to be adequate in the league as a point guard.  Make no mistake about it, James Harden is now a top five player in the world, something that you could not say last year.  Give credit where credit is due.  James has upped his game big time.  His triple doubles are proof.

As for Russell Westbrook, the chase of the Big “O”, Oscar Robertson, and his record triple-doubles is beyond anything a MVP award can bring the man.  As with James Harden, Russell is a top five player in the world, and the most productive player in the Association in the past fifty-seven years.  His numbers associated with scoring, assisting, and rebounding the ball are astronomical.  Westbrook is Mr. Triple Double, that is not under consideration.

Good luck to Westbrook and Harden on winning the MVP.  But no need to fret for either that doesn’t win it.  James will have a superlative season and Russell will have one for the ages.  And Russell Westbrook will have one on James Harden after the regular season. He will be the king of triple doubles for a season.  It will be his season to be remembered.  if Westbrook doesn’t win the MVP the saying will be “he accomplished something that nobody in the Association has ever done in quantity.  And he did not win the MVP. What were they (the voters) thinking back then?”  Sports fans, that is the way I see it.

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  1. Anthony Smalls
    April 2, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Excellent article and viewpoint,,,,,I 100% agree with all you said!

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