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Caleb Williams to follow Lincoln Riley to the land of the Trojan? What do you think?



  Poor people are poor people
  And they don`t  understand
  A man`s got to make whatever he wants -
  Take it with his own hands

  Poor people stay poor people
  And they never get to see
  Someone got to win in the human race
  If it isn`t you, then it has to be me

  So smile while you`re making it -
  Laugh while you`re taking it -
  Even though you`re faking it -
  Nobody`s gonna know...
(Alan Price)


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Glad we found out about him before he played another down for OU. People like this are a dime a dozen. Loyalty to the all mighty dollar and to themselves are not the type of individual that you want leading men. Yes, he seemed like the leader you want. But when the individualism comes out, that trait is just too strong for the real leader of men, of an offense, of a team. Lincoln Riley has it and it seems that CW has it too.  Personal goals and money over team goals and fidelity to your team, your mates, your school. Good luck Caleb Williams and I hope you get the real meaning of life somewhere in your time on earth.  That has to come from within, not given by family, from friends, from coaches.  Life is lived and through experiences you gain the knowledge.  Right now, it is sad to say, you have not a clue.

With that, sports fans, enjoy your college football as it is never going to be the same old sport of the past.