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Black Gunn (1972)


Too much to like about this film. It’s actors, including Jim Brown and Brenda Sykes, the blaxploitation genre, the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. To add my history of going to the Cooper Theater, downtown OKC, in the day, was significant in my love of film. Being one of only two white boys going to the movies in a packed house with my black brothers, ready to see some sex and violence that was always entertaining, on a hot Friday or Saturday night. My white friends thought I was crazy to go as of being the wrong color. Never disrespected or messed with, my black brothers treated me with respect as I too was there to enjoy the best R films being made at the time.


In truth, BLACK GUNN was a middle of the road film of the kind mentioned above, but distributed by a big movie company, it was unique in that respect. With the added cast of Martin Landau and the exquisite Luciana Paluzzi, the all British backed film, produced by non-American filmmakers (director Hartford-Davis and producers Heyman and Priggen) this one was no low budget flick.
With the still with us Bruce Glover, another fine actor, and still working today at 89 that pleases me today, in 2021. Los Angeles, the setting, adds a look at the city at a most destructive time in it’s history.
I will be reflecting on many of these blaxploitation flicks that had an impression on me during my 16-25 age years. I never missed one and it is refreshing to take a trip back. Viewed on FAWSOM. Three and one half stars out of five stars on my Letterboxd. Do not have the film.