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We now have two National Anthems? What about the Asian, Hispanic, Native American, European skinned people? Where is the EQUITY?

OK, What about others with skin colors not black?  When do they get their anthem played in an NFL stadium?

from FOX NEWS: 


The Black national anthem is reportedly set to return before NFL games for good starting in 2021.


“Lift Every Voice and Sing” was played before the start of Week 1 games during the 2020 NFL season, and Front Office Sports reported Wednesday the NFL plans to make it a “prominent part of big league events.”
We have a United States National Anthem that represents the country of the United States of America and all her people.  We have a Black National Anthem that represents the country of ……… and those individuals that consider themselves black?  Why does the NFL single out the black skin color of individuals and THEIR adopted anthem and not play an anthem of people of other races such as Hispanics (brown), Asians (yellow), Native Americans (red). and Europeans/or other? Is the NFL not following the EQUITY guidelines pushed by the “woke”? I think not.


It seems to me that we are a nation of ONE and the division of citizens as of the color of their skin is in fact not good.  As I will not attend an NFL game in person in a stadium this season, I will not be inflicted with two anthems with one representing one group of Americans with a different skins color than the other group of Americans.  Please comment if you wish.  




Have a wonderful day sports fans.



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