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OSCAR SHOW DIED LAST NIGHT…….Sports to follow?


Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya. Matt Petit/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images (Best supporting actor)




Politics and the entertainment industry do not mix.  The Oscars presentation last night is one example.  Lebron James and the National Basketball Association is another.  Major League Baseball is a third.  I contemplate the day when those that are entertainers, leaders of sports leagues, television and movie producers, and heads of major and minor corporations get UNWOKE and understand that what they are offering the public can and will cost them not only in the pocket book but in the realm of public opinion.



Last night, as of habit, I turned to ABC to take in the 2022 Academy Awards show, something that I have done for most of my adult life. Before the show started I told my wife, also a fan of the award show, I would give this presentation a try until the first political opinion was uttered.  Then I would be off to the living room to take in some of my favorite YOUTUBE channels.  I was watching YOUTUBE in a short two minutes  The host of the Oscars uttered her political statement (as she herself said some of will be turning us off about now) and I was gone.




I have had difficulty in the past with award shows as of the political slant of those involved.  But I knew that this year’s Oscars would be different, but I really wanted to give it a try.  I wanted to watch the show to be entertained and to find out who would win the awards.  I like the quick short snippets of the films being honored, including a sample video of the actors nominated.  I liked the singing performers as they introduced the best movie songs of year. I liked the hosts and their jokes, even if some were in fact political.




But that beginning took me out last night when the serious political agenda of the night was introduced withing the first minute of the show. I was out-of-there. Entertainment?  No.  Political views of some agenda driven actor?  Yes.




In fact, for me, the Oscar show died last night.  And as of ratings, of entertainment, and of what the Academy Awards is suppose to be about, giving the stature to the best in each catagory, the show actually died twelve months ago with the way the the Awards passed the rules and “equity” regulations on who was eligible for a nomination beginning in 2024.  The “best” of a catagory be damned. The best actors, technicians, film makers will not be hired as of skin color  It is now all about the color of the skin of who makes a movie, who acts in a movie, and who has a chance to win the Academy Award.  In the past the best, without regard to skin color, would get nominated.  That is the past. Racism of equity is the new order of the Oscar. Sure you can say not true, but it is true.  (read the new rules here:  93aa_rules.pdf (oscars.org)


From the New York Times today:

LOS ANGELES — For the film industry, which was already fighting to hold its place at the center of American culture, the Nielsen ratings for Sunday night’s 93rd Academy Awards came as a body blow: About 9.85 million people watched the telecast, a 58 percent plunge from last year’s record low.

Among adults 18 to 49, the demographic that many advertisers pay a premium to reach, the Oscars suffered an even steeper 64 percent decline, according to preliminary data from Nielsen released on Monday. Nielsen’s final numbers are expected on Tuesday and will include out-of-home viewing and some streaming statistics.


This award show is dead, taking in water on a sinking ship.  Most people that love movies know it.  The films nominated are not what the the people that love movies watch.  Many of the nominated are basically no-names.  Very few films in 2021 because of the pandemic are just excuses for those that put on this show.  Get real, OSCAR has become a crap show.

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