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My favorite films of the decade 2010s……

My favorite films that I have viewed that opened between 2010 and 2019 inclusive.  These films might not be the greatest films of the decade as measured by critics but they are my choice flicks to view, anytime, anyplace.  That list of the greatest films in my opinion will follow in another post.  Some of the same films will be included in both lists.  Only films that I have personally viewed are included in my lists.


My most favorite flick of the decade was LA LA LAND.  The best film of 2016 and should have won the Oscar for Best Picture. Not even close as which is the better film between  the winner MOONLIGHT and LA LA LAND.   Winner of six Oscars and almost everything else in the awards programs of that year. Music, grandeur, acting, direction, sound, dancing, and everything entertainment stands for. A classic the day it opened.  Yes, I know that many people did not like it but that is your problem.  And yes, it could be MY CRITIC’S CHOICE for the best made film   of the decade.  Damien Chazelle, the director, might have made his best film ever, it is that good.







The second favorite film was RUSH, directed by Ron Howard.  I have written a complete blog entry on this exciting film. It is one of the greatest sports films I have every viewed.  It can be found here: https://fredsportsextra.com/?p=4488.   A movie that I will see many times, to enjoy the acting skills of the various “faces” of the beautiful people of racing, including Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, Daniel Bruhl ad Niki Lauda, Olivia Wilde as Suzy Miller and Alexandra Maria Lara as Marlene Lauda.  Howard tries to get us in the head of Hunt and Lauda, and he does.  A great film on Formula 1 racing.






DUNKIRK:  Best war film since Saving Private Ryan, but is more than just a war flick. As director Nolan has stated, more of a rescue and suspense film than anything else. See it on a big a screen as possible…IMAX was amazing. Tom Hardy was amazing. For film lovers, a flick for those that have a fucking brain.  Will be studied in college film classes in the future. 



THE DESCENDANTS: The best film of 2011 is a family drama set in Hawaii.  Clooney and assemble cast are effective in showing emotions that seem totally real.  Just an emotional film that is one of the best in many years. 

ROCKETMAN:  The movie of the life of Elton John was in the most exciting musical of the decade.  Taron Egerton IS Elton John in this fantastic look at the great English performer .  Does not hide the bad with the good.  Total entertainment and engrossing.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD: Full review can be found at https://fredsportsextra.com/?p=6757 “…….This is a great film. I enjoyed every minute and found the final fifteen minutes as good as anything he (QT) has ever done. I went from being in total suspense, to out-and-out laughter, to that sad place of what if. Argue if you want. Disagree if you wish.  This “Once Upon A Time” is a winner as a motion picture, as was the previous “Once Upon A Times……in the West, in America, and the Revolution.”   Tarantino is our modern day Sergio Leone.”

INTERSTELLAR: My second Nolan film, this one is a difficult one to process.  Visually what you go to the movies to view, it is a beautifully shot flick.  I still have not put it together to completely understand what I have just watched.  A film that I will view again and again.  A great film.  

RAID 2:  The most exciting and violent film of the decade, yet might be the greatest action/fighting film ever made.  Non-stop jaw dropping set pieces that are what you want in such films….Of all the films of the decade, if I could only watch one and only one, this is it.  The Asians make great films and this one is a total masterpiece. 

HUGOA wonderful film that proves that Scorsese can work in many different genre…..one of my favorites and one of the best films of the 2000’s.  A visual stunner. 

THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI: I felt manipulated but did not mind. The acting was outstanding and just as in great drama, the emotions overflow.  



My top ten films in order above. Below is my honorable mention and these films are also my favorites and could just as easily been included above.


Lawless with Tom Hardy

The contenders list of films:
2010:  The Trip; Secretariat;


2011:  My Way; The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel; Hugo; The Descendants; The Help; Bernie;


2012:  Lawless; Savages; Moonrise Kingdom;


2013:  Philomena; RUSH; Tim’s Vermeer; About Time; The Way Way Back; Gangster Squad;


2014:  Kingsmen:  The Secret Service; Paddington; A Most Violent Year; Interstellar; Gone Girl; The Hundred-Foot Journey; Jersey Boys; The Grand Budapest Hotel; The Raid 2;


2015:  Eddie Eagle; Hateful Eight; Bone Tomahawk; Bridge of Spies; Sicario;


2016:  Live by Night; Hidden Figures; Silence; Allied; The Accountant; Split; Arrival; La La Land; Hell or High Water;


2017:  The Greatest Showman; Unknown Soldier: Blade Runner 2049; I, Tonya; Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; American Made; Dunkirk;


2018:  Green Book; They Shall Not Grow Old; Dragged Across Concrete; A Star Is Born; Blackklansman;


2019:  1917; Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; Ford v Ferrari; Uncut Gems; Rocketman;
The top ten again, ranked:
  1. La La Land
  2. RUSH
  3. Dunkirk
  4. The Descendants
  5. Rocketman
  6. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  7. Interstellar
  8. Raid 2
  9. Hugo
  10. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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