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Perk, KD, and Mr. Thunder, Russell Westbrook…TWITTER WAR!

If Kendrick Perkins, former NBA basketball player walked up to me, I would grin, extend my right hand, and hopefully shake HIS right hand.  If Kevin Durant walked up to me, I would NOT extend my right hand and would not WANT to shake his right hand.  There are sportsmen in the world that I RESPECT, and then there are those “so-called” sportsmen in this world that I do not RESPECT.  And to be more visual, those that I do NOT respect can KISS MY DUTCH ASS.  That is the way I feel about the twitter war between “PERK” and “KD”.  


Please read Barry Trammel’s newspaper article (link below) to understand the banter going back and forth between these two guys. 


And as for Russell Westbrook, you are the man in OKC, yesterday, today, and hopefully, tomorrow.  Mr. Westbrook, when you enter the basketball Hall-of-Fame, I know you will never forget, or trash the Thunder franchise, the City of OKC, and the fans of Big Blue.


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