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Warriors lose in biggest NBA playoff comeback…Kevin, Klay, Stephen, Draymond…What the hell happened?





I turned the game off at half and flipped my Panasonic Plasma 65 TV to a cable news outlet.  Wanted to see the latest on the tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France.  I had just viewed Golden State’s Stephen Curry standing at half court with his arm raised.  He had just finished blasting a long three point shot into the basket increasing the Warriors lead after twenty-four minutes to 22 points. I figured that this 2nd game in the 1st round series with the Los Angeles Clippers was over.  I figured wrongly. My mistake as I missed the biggest comeback in league playoff history as the Warriors increased the lead to 31 points early in the 3rd quarter. The following Clipper comeback was completed in the end of this 2nd game. LAC wins 135-131 on the losers home court.  I could  not be tickled any pinker with the comeback. It could not have happened to any other punkish team than the Golden State Warriors.  As you know, I am an Oklahoma City Thunder season ticket holder and do not like Golden State.  I do not like their players, their management, and to be truthful, the whole fricken area of the Bay.  Dog poop on them.


At the presser after the game, it was not attended by Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.  They dressed quickly and got the hell out of the arena, giving the podium to Andrew Bogut, Kevon Looney and Quinn Cook to take their turns in front of the assembled media.  Curry and Thompson showed some “balls” and came in at the end to answer a few questions.

From the San Francisco Chronical:

“It’s a tough feeling,” Curry said of the emotions after Monday night’s game. “We’re talking to each other, trying to figure out how we’re going to move on and use this as fuel for Game 3.

“But other than that, it’s just the playoffs, man. Everything is heightened. You’ve got to really lock in on the fine details of what separates a winning team and a losing team in the playoffs. We kind of lost sight of that down the stretch.”

Thompson, asked about the players’ visible anger as they left the court, insisted that’s a good emotion “if channeled right.”
“We have a lot of experience,” he said. “I know we’ll bounce back. We’re too prideful not to.”

Warrior coach Steve Kerr summed it up. 


“We stopped playing,” he said. “We got disconnected mid third quarter and lost our competitive edge. When I say we stopped playing I mean we stopped playing defense, offense, execution-wise. We got exactly what we deserved.”
Doc Rivers had some pointed comments about what happened and why it did go down the way it did.


“That’s not enough for us. We didn’t come here for that.  This is special. I don’t care if you’re playing — I can’t think of a really, really, really bad team, and you’re down 30 on the road to anybody, you come back, it’s special. But that’s what was special. Not winning the game. You could hear them in the locker room. They’re not talking about that. They’re talking about coming back and winning. They have expectations. This team does. No one wants to agree with us, and that’s fine. We’re fine with that. But we have our own expectations and we’re going to keep them.”


Let us see how this Warriors team does in LA in a few days.  They should get their act together and take Games 3, 4, and 5 (back in the Bay). But I will say that even if the best team (GSW) wins this series, the Clippers are the real winners in this series. They seem to know what is telling with the Warriors. That is, no matter how many point Klay, Kevin, Draymond, and Stephen can have a lead on you, they can lose that lead and get their ass beat.




Feature photo: Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) celebrates after scoring against the Los Angeles Clippers during the first half of Game 2 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series in Oakland, Calif.  (Jeff Chiu, AP)

2nd Photo: Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams (23) shoots against Golden State Warriors center Kevon Looney (5) and forward Draymond Green during the first half of Game 2 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series in Oakland, Calif., Monday, April 15, 2019 (Jeff Chiu, AP)