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Do not post this or any of my work on any other platform, such as FACEBOOK.  Comments are welcomed below.  


On April 11, 2019, around 11 am, FACEBOOK banned me from making comments and doing most all interaction as of a story I had put up on the service on Osama Bin Laden. I appealed Facebook, knowing that this platform does not use REAL people in appeals and that the appeal would be useless. No matter, I did ask what the problem with my post was and Facebook only replied that the ban was final.


The initial ban was said for my HATE SPEECH on a post, a recent post. When checking the post, I had posted it on my Facebook in November of 2014. So much for being recent. Facebook banned me for something I had posted five years ago.


My feeling is that I had someone get upset with a later post, quite possibly in the past few days, and decided to report me on something to Facebook. I believe that. Being a conservative person, I believe I pissed off someone, quite possibly a Facebook friend and that person did the reporting. Also, with Facebook having a habit of “messing” with conservatives, I am sure I was an excellent target to get shut down. I cannot prove it, but this ban was totally wrong in my opinion, and now I fear that I will suffer another ban in the future, as anything you post at any time you posted it can be used against you with their rules and regulations. My post in 2014 was a reposting of a national story from USA-Today. So that newspaper is a publisher of HATE SPEECH? 


You will not see this negative post about FACEBOOK on that platform, knowing that it would give them another opportunity to shit on me. So I post it here for my dot com readers, and that is fine with me.


I will end this post with some insight about social media platforms such as FACEBOOK. If you are of a conservative mind they do not like your speech, they will shut you down. FACEBOOK is run my people that have a mindset that gives them powers over their users that will in the end hurt this country as we get through the hard political times we are in. As we have a First Amendment right of free speech, that is not practiced on Facebook, and I understand that. 



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Fred Pahlke, an Oklahoma native has viewed over 10,000 sporting events in his 65 years. A season ticket holder of the Oklahoma City Thunder, former season tickect holder for the Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma City University Chiefs/Stars, he is an expert in both professional and college basketball and football. A high school athlete at Classen High School in basketball and tennis, he played amateur tennis after high school in the Missouri Valley Tennis Association. A graduate of Oklahoma City University, he taught in the public schools for 6 years before becoming a building administrator in the Oklahoma City Public Schools for 31 years, 28 as the Principal of various schools in the district. He has guided various high school and college athletes in his time as an educator and coach. Fredsportsextra has recorded 101, 410 article views in its first ten months, from August 2015 through May 2016.

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