If you go to the movies for excitement, adventure, themes of friendship, music and dance, direction by a master film maker, actors that are as quality as dope on a worldwide stage, and finally to spend over three hours viewing a flick that you have an investment in by the five minute mark, go see this film. The three hours that go by with “RRR” put you in the “sauce” of total cinematic bliss all the way through, and this is what you want, this is the film for you. 

For me, “RRR” is the best action, musical, and friendship film of this year.  The fact that is a “Tallywood” motion picture shot in India make it an exotic film to boot.  It is my “best film of 2022” by a wide margin.

As I will not spoil your viewing pleasure in this review, I will say that “RRR” will have a significant influence on films made in the future.  This is not a Marvell or  DC inspired crap movie. This film is over-the-top, using historic figures of the past, giving them super powers in a CGI influenced flick that totally engaging.  Do not let that scare you away, along with the long run time.  If you love cinema, you will love this movie.

Without telling you much more, take it from me, and view this movie.  You might be surprised that you laugh, cry, feel shame for the human condition, and get angry with the what you see.  Film can entertain and this is pure entertainment in the best way.  It is my “best film of 2022” by a wide margin.

As I will not get into the various issues, political speaking, that touch us today as it did back in India in early 1920’s, that is another post later.



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