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Joe Mixon – A sorry night in Norman; Tape becomes public

Amelia Molitor’s jaw was broken when a University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon after he punched her, causing her to fall and shatter her jaw on a table.


The “Joe Mixon” tape was made public today and we see the young man cold cock the women in question, with a right cross that knocked the female to the ground.  As she fell is also suffered a head wound as she hit the table that she had been sitting at.  The incident happened in the fall of 2014 at a local deli in Norman, Oklahoma.  Mixon was suspended for a year from the Oklahoma University football program and returned after his punishment was completed for him to play in the 2015 and 2016 seasons.  Currently the star running back is in preparation for the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans as the Sooners take on the Auburn Tigers on the night of January 2, 2017.

Comments by some want a further suspension for Mixon, as well as others question the decision of Oklahoma University President David Boren and Head Football Coach Bob Stoops in allowing the player to stay in school and participate on the team after his one year suspension.  This will not happen as the case is closed and Joe Mixon will play in the Sugar Bowl.  Sports fans that do not understand how this player can get away with slugging a woman and still be allowed to play college football at Oklahoma or any other major college can continue to disagree with the finality of the decision.  It is what it is.

It is never good for a man to smack a woman.  But if you think an eighteen year old male is always going to do what a “man” is supposed to do (walk away) you believe that Joe Mixon was a MAN the night he hit the woman. My take is that Joe Mixon was not a man, and in fact, an eigthteen year old not ready to make all the “manly” decisions of life.  Just as the woman, drunk as a skunk, put her hands on him in a physical way, including a spit into his face, quite possibly was not a “woman” at the time.  Maybe she was a immature young lady that did not understand the consequences of being high on alcohol and calling a black person the “n” word.  There is guilt for both of these two to share, but in fact, we are dealing with a couple of young people that were not given the proper training by parents that raised them.  Too bad a woman gets her face broke and too bad a young man has to take a hit in his athletic career.  Life can be a bitch.


Feature Photo of Joe Mixon (Alonzo Adams/AP Images)