Rangers drop 5-word message after Diamondbacks complete World Series ...

From 1972 through this current season, I have been a Texas Ranger fan.  Not that I follow baseball as closely as I did back in my early years of the franchise in Arlington, I have still been supportive of the Rangers.  Driving to games down south in the Metroplex many times early in the morning, spending time shopping and eating at my favorite places, attending the Ranger game, then traveling back home to Oklahoma City or Edmond after the ending of the game.  Arriving back home, sometimes around three in the morning, the day trip was a total pleasure for me and my wife and/or  kids if they went along for the activities.  With many teams the Rangers put on the field during their stay in Texas, a chance of winning an American League Pennant or even getting to the World Series was mostly a hope and dream and not a reality.  I am going to pull for the first World Series win for the Rangers as they meet the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Series that starts Friday night in Texas.


Prediction:  Rangers in six



Here’s how fans can watch.

World Series schedule

  • Game 1: Friday, Oct. 27 at Texas (FOX)

  • Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 28 at Texas (FOX)

  • Game 3: Monday, Oct. 30 at NLCS winner (FOX)

  • Game 4: Tuesday, Oct. 31 at NLCS winner (FOX)

  • Game 5*: Wednesday, Nov. 1 at NLCS winner1 (FOX)

  • Game 6*: Friday, Nov. 3 at Texas FOX)

  • Game 7*: Saturday, Nov. 4 at Texas (FOX)


Feature photo:  Godofredo A. Vásquez / /AP


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