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OKC Thunder and it’s realistic outlook for 2023-2024….encouraging future for the team…..




Some takes on the 2023-2024 season for the Oklahoma City at various media sites want the world to think that the Thunder have a fatal flaw for winning an NBA title this year.  Flaw, I would not call anything with regard to the franchise a flaw. No one should think OKC is good enough to win it all right now.  That is not a realistic outlook for the team, today, a week before they open play in the regular season.    For some to believe that the Thunder are forthwith to be champions in the summer of 2024, get real. Not this year.



Taking into account the talent level, age, experience, and overall health of the Thunder, this franchise is on target for a very lucrative future which will put the team at the top of the ladder in time as they continue to ascend to a world championship.  The players just need time and experience on the court, as the coaches do a little tinkering with the roster.  Patience is on the side of this team.  OKC has been retooled by GM Sam Presti, under the coaching of Mark Daigneault and his coaching staff.  They are molding a winning roster, and the “W” will come more often than not.



Give the Thunder 42 or more wins this year.  They be competitive each game night, and the team will be the most exciting young squad in the Association.  Loaded with a minimum of four possible All-stars, the core is as good as any as of their age and abilities.  The price of a ticket in the Paycom will be worth the price as the games will be exciting as Thunder fans watch the best players in the world.  As I have said since the first game way back in the first OKC season, “you get to watch the greatest players in the world, win or lose, the players get paid, the coaches get paid, the Thunder workers get paid, and we get to do it all over again a few days later.”  Cannot wait for Sunday afternoon on Reno Street as the Denver Nuggets, the current world champs, come to play the Thunder at 2:30 PM.


Feature Photo:  Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images