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It was a good night in South Bend….Fighting Irish destroy USC; Oklahoma readies for UCF; Ratings and Predictions for the week…..


OU, Michigan, Washington, Florida State are my playoff teams…..

No. 21 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. No. 10 USC Trojans: A Showdown ...

As I finished by viewing of the Notre Dame trouncing of the USC Trojans on Saturday night, it was telling that USC was not a world beating football team.  Lincoln Riley and his boys from Los Angeles got their asses handed to them by the Fighting Irish.  The Trojans were not beaten by their lack of defense, as expect, but rather a subpar performance by the offense, led by Heisman winner Caleb Williams.  Not that the USC defense played a nice game, it did not.  But the offense was, in fact, crap.  Before you think that I do not like quarterback Williams, that is far from the truth.  I will never rat out this wonderful player as he was the trigger for the Oklahoma Sooners to beat their arch-rival, Texas, two years ago in the Red River Shootout.  And that he played in the OU bowl game after Riley had made his move to LA and helped stand-in former head coach in OU’s win was key.  Sure, he went with Riley to play on the west coast, but a player has to do with he has to do.  Coaches, unlike Williams the player, make adult decisions and show adult tendencies. Riley is in my book, is not a good human being, and not a man you can trust with the truth.  With that, the national title for USC is not in the future for them this year, no matter what you hear coming out the Riley’s lying mouth.  USC is staring down a three or more loss season.  That too, I expect to happen.


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My Playoff picture today:

Washington vs Michigan

Oklahoma vs Florida State

Other teams that could make it:  Texas, Penn State, Ohio State, Alabama, Oregon, Washington.  I think the four I have selected will all have 13-0 records at the end of the conference championship games.  If they lose, Georgia can get in with one loss, but with their best offensive player, the tight end gone for the year, I do not think they will not get beat once, but twice.  Alabama would take a spot if they go undefeated and win the SEC title game if the four chosen by me lose a game.



Oklahoma State football vs. Kansas takeaways: Cowboys rally late for ...

My Top Twenty-five

  1.  Michigan

  2.  Washington

  3.  Florida State

  4.  Oklahoma

  5.  Penn State

  6.  Ohio State

  7.  Georgia

  8.  Oregon

  9.  Alabama

  10.  Texas

  11.  North Carolina

  12.  Ole Miss

  13.  Oregon State

  14.  Utah

  15.  Duke

  16.  Tennessee

  17.  Notre Dame

  18.  LSU

  19.  Air Force

  20.  USC

  21.  Kansas State

  22.  Missouri

  23.  Iowa

  24.  Tulane

  25.  Louisville






Big 12 Rankings

  1.  Oklahoma

  2.  Texas

  3.  Kansas State

  4.  Oklahoma State

  5.  TCU

  6.  Kansas

  7.  Iowa State

  8.  Houston

  9.  Texas Tech

  10.  West Virginia

  11.  BYU

  12.  Cincinnati

  13.  Baylor

  14.   Univ. of Central Florida






Big 12 Predictions

Cincinnati 25 and Baylor 21

Oklahoma 49 and UCF 18

West Virginia 31 and Oklahoma State 27

Houston 41 and Texas 39

Texas Tech 49 and BYU 28

Kansas State 24 and TCU 21

Last Week:  1-4  Season:  19-11





National Predictions:

Penn State 27 at Ohio State 21

Oregon 48 and Washington State 41

Tennessee 28 at Alabama 23

Missouri 31 and South Carolina 30

Ole Miss 38 at Auburn 29

Michigan 39 at Michigan State 9

Florida State 18 and Duke 17

Utah 38 at USC 28

Miami Fla. 24 and Clemson 22

Washington 38 and Arizona State 17


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