Winning a conference title should superspeed opinions to get to the final  four grouping to play for a college national title.  It is already to late for this current 2023 football season but for the 2024 and future years the football gods need to set the perimeters to allow conference winners the first opportunity to play for the trophy.

Currently, the landscape for the 2023 playoffs is and will continue to be a mess.  There are a good number of teams that could be ‘chosen’ to be in the playoffs, with really deserving teams left out.  That should not happen, but it does almost every year, with 2023 not going to be an exception.

The list of Georgia, Alabama, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Ohio State, Florida State and Michigan currently numbers eight of which four will make the national semi-finals to get to the title game.

The four selected by the committee will be picked though a system of “opinion”, which is in my take is a fraudulent system as of each committee member’s bias of their own opinions.  Let not any so-called committee guidelines fool you in thinking there is rhyme or reason in making these selections.  They will, the committee, try to sway you to believe that the chosen four were as of a delicate and systematic model of preferred rightlessness, but that is just pure bull hockey.  The so-called rules are often broken and excuses given for the reason.  Believe  this committee’s crap if you wish.  I chose to say no, the fix is in.

Money, as always, pays the bills and is the motivational force in the selection.  An Alabama team going against a Ohio State is much the more attractive game than the Washington and Texas matchup.  The Georgia against Michigan game over a Oregon and Florida State game.  I am sure you get my drift.

Let us hope that in 2024 the conference winners get automatic bids and then the left overs can fill the rest of the field.  You might say, which conferences?  I say at least six, including the Big 12, Big 10, ACC, SEC and the two other highest conferences.  With the final six slots, each of the big four get only one additional team, making these large multi-school leagues pay for their hogging the landscape of college football, which includes the big dollar payouts that they seem to covet.


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