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Why OU will be contenders for a National Championship sooner than later……

 OU Shows Defense at Spring Game

Jackson Arnold (OU quarterback, Spring game in Norman Oklahoma, April 22, 2023) Photo Credit: Tulsa World

Observing the Oklahoma Sooners spring game, or whatever you want to call it Saturday afternoon on Owen Field, one thing must not be overlooked.  OU will be contenders quicker than one might think because  Sooners will have a much improved DEFENSE.  With Coach Brent Venables and staff,  the program continues the PROCESS of having a NATIONAL CHAMPION TROPHY make stop in Norman in the near future. Not to visit, but to be put on a shelf  for all of history. 

When I say “near” we have to understand that it has been since 2001 for the last parking of that trophy on campus . Two, three, four, or even five years might seem like an eternity for many Sooner fans, but that time frame is not so combersome that it will not get done. And it will be welcomed emmensely.  OU will win it all.  Sooner than later.  

Titles are won on defense.  The stoppers will get better quickly as coach Brent Venables knows how to make that happen.  Second, never worry that the Sooners cannot move the ball on offense and not be a powerhouse in scoring. That will not change as the recruiting on that side of the ball has not slacken off  just as the defense recruits has been upgraded.  Getting top five recruiting classes to come to Norman will be the routine and not just a once in a while thing.  

OU will turn it around in 2023 and the future will prove that the Sooners are going to be a dominate force in the last year of the Big Twelve and the years to come in the SEC.  

That is how I see it sports fans.



Feature Photo:  Tulsa World