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I ain’t apologizing I was cussing y’all out last night. ‘What? Stop it! Austin (Reaves) what? $50 million?’ At four (years) for $25 (million), he’s stealing. I’m like Austin Reaves…? Nah! Franciso Garcia got that sh*t. Y’all giving ($50 million) to him ’cause one he’s white and one he playing with the (Los Angeles) Lakers and they trash. So it’s like, if the Lakers ain’t trash, he ain’t playin’.

— Rashad McCants


Apr 19, 2023; Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves (15) reacts after a three point basket during the second half against the Memphis Grizzlies during game two of the 2023 NBA playoffs at FedExForum. Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports


Lebron James, love him or not, is Austin Reaves’s mentor and will stand up for the 2nd year pro from Oklahoma as he continues to impress during this playoff season.  Reaves has become a key cog in the Los Angeles Laker rotation with his leadership, scoring, and tough mined attitude.  He has been the one player for LAL that kept the team in the hunt when James and the other superstar on the team, Anthony Davis have had to miss various games down the stretch during this NBA season as of injury sustained. 


Reaves is loved by the Lakers, including the fans in LA and his teammates.  It has been the Arkansas native that has fueled the team when it’s leader James has needed him to do his part.  Reaves was the on floor and locker room leader during his stay in Norman for Lonnie Kruger’s Oklahoma Sooner men’s team.  Now he has started taking that role in LA under the guidance of James.


Does Reaves deserve a big contract the near future is really not in question.  He will get that money and it will not be because he is a Laker or because he is a white player like Rashad McCants has stated above. It is because Reaves has the talent and the basketball mind that the best players display for their life’s journey in the Association.  Reaves is not a fluke and the players and coaches know that.  Reaves was always a tough minded player and is now demonstrating that in his face up confrontations with opponents in the NBA.  When Reaves told a certain opposing player “I will fuck you up” it was said with conviction. That player backed down.  Reaves’ behaviors have not gone unnoticed and his fellow mates in LA, especially James and Davis have taken these behaviors to heart. 


Reaves will get his big paychecks and my money is that he will be Laker for many years to come.  And that is not just blowing smoke sports fans.




Feature photo:  Austin Reaves, Univ. of Oklahoma (USA Today)


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