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“Didn’t coach great at times…” Sooners have to get better…..




Brent Venables quotes at post-game press conference.

Do you think that Oklahoma’s athletic director Joe Castiglione understands that when you hire a head football coach at such a high level that choosing an individual that does not have any experience as the “top coach” might be a crap shoot?  Bob Stoops was hired without head coaching experience and his career was long and successful.  The current coach, Brent Venables, again hired with only assistant coaching experience on his resume, has given way to less than desirable first year exploits that ended the regular season with a 51-48 overtime loss in Lubbock last night.  The loss puts the Sooner season record at six wins and six losses going into the bowl game.

The first thing Coach Venables needs to do after the season is finished is take a class, called “Head Coaching Philosophy 101.”  This is not a disrespectful comment toward the head coach, just an opinion. He does not understand the various aspects of game planning and game play.

As many head coaches do not realize when taking the job for the first time is that they are not in a coordinator position.  They must leave that behind them running as they run their own program.  Coach Venables is not the defensive coordinator at OU. He is the head coach.  He needs to hire a true defensive coordinator and let that coach do the work of which he was hired to do.  That step has not been taken at OU.  As for anyone that wants to argue that he does have a defensive coordinator currently on his staff, that person is the DC in name only.  Argue with me but a 6-6 record would be enough said.  Viewing Venables on the sideline last night giving his defense play calls during the game is something for an assistant coach to do.  With too much time given to one side of the ball does not allow Venables to clear his mind to make other decisions that a head coach must make during the 60 minutes of game play.

Awful decisions that have been made during games related to clock management has not been kind to OU and their coaching.  The Oklahoma State game comes to mind.  Anyone with basic football knowledge could manage a game better than what OU in that game.  Developing available players with regard to defensive schemes to carry out the game plans have been suspect.  Oklahoma’s defense is the worst in 20 years.  Talent is not the issue.  The lack of a backup quarterback has been costly, leading to significant defeats.  When you go into a big game (TEXAS) and do not have a quarterback that can throw the ball, that is inexcusable.

The clock is ticking on Brent Venables.  Can he get “educated” the basics of being a head coach at the highest level? I am not sure.

That is the way I see it sports fans.

Texas Tech's place kicker Trey Wolff (36) kicks the game winning field goal against Oklahoma in their last Big 12 home football game, Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022, Jones AT&T Stadium.
Photo: OU/TECH….Lubbock Avalanche

Feature photo:  Lubbock Avalance