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SGA more like Kobe than Michael; He is solid with franchise on Reno Street;


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Kobe Bryant (photo credit: BroBible)

I have seen and read some articles lately comparing Oklahoma City Thunder guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander with the great one, Michael Jordan.  With respect to Michael Jordan, I find that comparison not that all hard to swallow.  With that, if I am going to compare the current Thunder superstar with anyone from the past, I would go with the late great Kobe Bryant.

For me, using the eye test, SGA and Bryant have more things in common than does SGA and Jordan.  And to compare any0ne with Jordan, I just do not see it right now, maybe never.  Michael is the greatest hoopster in the history of the game.  Do not think that current megastar Lebron James has to bow down to Michael (I sure will not go there), as James is as close to Jordan in all out ability on the court as anyone in past, today, or with the up and coming all-world stars of the future.  But when comparing one player to another, that look on the court in various game situations must not be overlooked. SGA is, in my thoughts, is becoming our Kobe of today’s generation.

At age 24, SGA is showing the Association how magnificant he can be, as he grows into the league top scorer, a first line defender, and a cold-blooded last second knock down gunner to win the game.

Kobe had his way with his game, scoring from the paint when needed, making the three point shot most often, and pulling up for an unstopable ten footer when the double team defence forced the action away from the paint.   SGA has the same skills today and is now recognized as an ustoppable scorer from anywhere on the court. Taking SGA one on one is not a good thing for a defender. Double teaming is now more likely than not.  Unlike Kobe, SGA is a more effecient scorer, not going hog wild with 25, 30, or 35 shots in a game as if Bryant.  As SGA continues to improve his play within the Thunder system, one night we will see an all zoned out SGA go for a solid 50, maybe 60, or more.  That is coming as the Thunder continue to style their game in a faster pace than in the past.  The big numbers for SGA will come, probably sooner than later.

One final thought.  With all the articles being circulated about SGA not wanting to be in OKC, not happy with the franchise on Reno Street, sports writers please stop it.  He is not leaving OKC for many years, being the backbone of OKC GM Sam Presti’s rebuild.  Enough please national sports writers,  You look not only silly but pathetically stupid.

That is the way I see it sports fans.


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's Heroics Continue in Win Over Wizards
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