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A 20 Team Big Twelve is looking like a possibility… is all about $$$$$$$

Oregon and Washington hold the key…..are they ready?

What will it be Big Twelve Conference?  Do you add teams or do you merge with the PAC 12?  How does a “minor” super conference stack up with the likes of the Big Ten and the SEC?  Decisions are being made, finalized, as I type.  It will be a sound decision by the new Big Twelve commissioner Brett Yormark or will we have a tremendous mess come the weekend?  Your guess is as good as mine.

The new look Big Twelve will include the University of Washington and the University of Oregon if they want to join.  That is a given.  With the Big Ten taking a hard look at these two schools, they might miss the boat if they do not offer soon, very soon.  Oregon and Washington have pride in their schools and a firm offer from Yormark and the Big Twelve might be what they take.  With those two the addition of Utah and Colorado will follow.  Arizona State and Arizona would follow with San Diego State and Fresno State also strong possibilities.  If Yormark could get that mixture, he would take it and the PAC would be an afterthought.  Oregon State, Washington State, Stanford, and Cal (Berkley) would be shit-out-0f-luck.  Will this happen?  It could and do not be surprised if it does not.


The new look Big 12:

West Division



Fresno State

San Diego State



Arizona State


Texas Tech


Eastern Conference

Oklahoma State



Central Florida


West Virginia


Kansas State

Iowa State