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Westbrook always a Thunder in OKC……..

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – APRIL 23: Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook (0) in game versus Houston Rockets during the game 4 of the first round of the NBA Western Conference Playoffs on April 23, 2017, at the Chesapeake Energy Arena Oklahoma City, OK. (Photo by Torrey Purvey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Throughout the years, I have written many blog entries on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook.  I have never been one to always stain a consistent varnish on him, sometimes being positive toward “0” and just as frequent being critical of him in someway.  To take a serious look at this super-star in it’s finality, only time will display the true veneer of the man as an athlete and more importantly, a human being.  His time with the Thunder will be a painting of vas colorization when told as of his personality, actions, and mystique.   Inclusion of his relationships with the franchise, the city, the state, the fans, and the media will be the story of the beginning of NBA professional basketball on Reno Street. 



Only Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison (Mr. Thunder) stood with those that love OKC.  He might not get the statue in front of the Chesapeake Energy Arena when his career is over, but I think he should.  Put a two person statue up, with Nick’s arm draped over Russ’s shoulder.  These two “men” were and will always be the greatest “professionals” play in OKC (in my lifetime and in my opinion).  



From Feb, 2015:  (if OKC and GSW played a series in the playoffs)


Looking back into the history of the games between Curry and Westbrook, Westbrook has always had the better part of the play as the Curry couldn’t handle Westbrook’s all-around performances…….. As great as MVP Steph Curry is, Westbrook devastates the smaller less athletic guard when they match up (on either side of the ball.) Westbrook’s scoring, his assists to teammates KD and others wreck the GS defense. Of the two, Curry is the better shooter and Westbrook is the better basketball player.



February 26, 2016 (I made some predictions, not all came to be.  But this one did):


Russell Westbrook will win another scoring title and in his future years in Oklahoma City, will join Kevin Durant as a league MVP.   Scoring Leader – Twice
2014-15, 2016-17; Season MVP – Once   2016-17


March 4, 2016


The fact of the matter is that Russell Westbrook is not a coachable player. It is not that Westbrook can’t play; he is one of the four best players in the Association.  It is not that Westbrook knows the rights and wrongs of running the Thunder offensive sets. He is not stupid. He knows basketball and the intricacies of the game. It is that Russell Westbrook is a point guard that does what he likes in the final minutes of game.


April 5, 2016


Michael Jordan said it. I believe it. Sports fans, it is true. Russell Westbrook is the new Michael Jordan according to the great one. Kobe Bryant, if you want to know, also takes claim to Westbrook as many other will say.


April 12, 2016 (Kobe Bryant and Russell play their final game against each other):


Yes, Westbrook takes Kobe’s place in going all out, and in another comment by Bryant last night, he told the world that Westbrook was probably the greatest “athlete” that he ever rubbed jersey’s with. Westbrook and Bryant were cut from the same cloth, and anyone that ever says that NBA players don’t go all out from the first tick of the clock until the entire forty-eight minutes have been spent don’t know Kobe and Russell. They just do not.


July 4, 2016 


Russell Westbrook is the face of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He just didn’t become that today.


October 30, 2016


Westbrook is dynamic with this current Thunder team as the lack of significant scoring from his team-mates is bothersome.


March 30, 2017


As for Russell Westbrook, the chase of the Big “O”, Oscar Robertson, and his record triple-doubles is beyond anything a MVP award can bring the man. As with James Harden, Russell is a top five player in the world, and the most productive player in the Association in the past fifty-seven years. His numbers associated with scoring, assisting, and rebounding the ball are astronomical. Westbrook is Mr. Triple Double, that is not under consideration.


April 23, 2017 (Westbrook displays a bad side with the press)


Russell Westbrook, a no thank you for being an ass in how you treated a member of the press….Not professional in any which way.


November 28, 2017


Can Coach Billy Donavan actually tell Russell Westbrook how to run a play? No, he can not. The fact is that Russell Westbrook is the important man of the two and will do what he wants on the court. He is the INDIVIDUAL on this team and there is nothing Billy Donavan can do about it. As long as a player runs the OKC Thunder, the OKC Thunder will be a team with the small “t”.


March 2, 2018 (Shot selection):


Russell Westbrook, a great player, hurts the team with his shooting, three point shots especially. Fact of the matter, the Thunder, except for Steven Adams, take too many long shots . This team plays, matter of factually, dumb basketball, with regard to shot selection.


April 22, 2019


No doubt that Westbrook is the most continuous person in the Thunder organization and no person, including Sam Presti, carries the reflection of the franchise like Russell. And as much as it can be a positive look, it has turned into a negative one with his antics.



June 19, 2019 (Boy was I wrong)


Fact is, only Russell Westbrook and Paul George are the only two Thunder roster members that seem to be safe from a trade.

Russell Westbrook, for eleven years, has dominated this town and state as the premiere athlete of our time. He and Kevin Durant put OKC on the map as a major professional sports city like no other. But it was Russ that stayed the course. Even with his departure after these many years, who can jump him for that. I cannot, understanding that a change of scenery is good for the soul. Russell, unlike the other great one to play in OKC that abandoned the franchise, has been true blue. He has not been perfect.  You know anyone that it is? 



Russell Westbrook, have a great time with your new team members in Houston. I know you and James are tight and real friendship is a blessing.  Good for you guys. 




Russell Westbrook, RIP as a Thunder.  Be easy on your former team when you play them as you continue your career.  You are loved as of the Thunder nation and yes, one day your number will be in the rafters of the Peak in OKC. And it will hang proud.  And I do hope that statue comes to pass for you and Nick. 


That is my take sports fans.