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Why did Toronto fans boo KD last night?

Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chonicle



Not all players would be booed as KD was last night in Toronto upon his injury and exit off the court with an achilles. There was a reason why the good folks in Toronto did what they did.  And to dismiss the loud approval of his departure from the game with the negative is not all that hard to understand.


KD has turned himself into one of the most disliked players in the league with regard to fans not associated with the Warriors.  Toronto, Oklahoma City, and all others NBA cities do not accept what Kevin Durant has become.   And why is that? You need someone to tell you?  If you do not live in the San Francisco Bay area or Austin, Texas, you know why they booed. Why they were so disrespectful toward the great Kevin Durant.  The Raptor fans do not like this man.


The NBA nation has had to put up with Kevin Durant’s act for since his move from OKC to the Warriors through last night in Game Five of the 2019 Finals.  His behavior on the court has become rude with officials, being one of the most T’d up players in the Association.  His game has a strong look of thuggery.


Why do you not see KD advertising as many products as in the past? What has come to pass that has cost the man dollars in the commercial pitch business? You know why.  He does not project positive. Not in some of his actions on court, on social media, and especially in any business model.  No George Forman or Shaquille O’Neal I may say.


In social media, a thin skin, always getting his feelings hurt.  The “SLIM REAPER”  is not the role model that you would want you child to emulate. What he has done and what he continues to do, on and off the court, is not getting him any love outside the Bay. It is what it is. He is not a favorite son except in the Bay and Austin. And Texas still sucks.



Feature Photo:  Chris Young AP