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Texas Tech losing big in 2018-Big Twelve Conference Football Preview

It has become the culture at Lubbock for the Texas Tech Red Raiders to have a potent offense and a very suspect defense.  Suspect is being kind as Tech has not had a winning conference record this decade and do not blame the offense..  Mediocre is another word that can be tossed around for the men in West Texas and this year could be more of the same, yet a possible means to an end of Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury’s tenure at this school.


The schedule is tough even with  the non-conference weakling Lamar University on it .  Ole Miss (in Houston) and the Houston Cougars (Lubbock) will give Tech all they want. League wins will be difficult to manufacture when you are just a tad less than most all the conference mates you play but two (Kansas and Baylor). This 2018 schedule will test Tech to the max and I cannot see more than two or three wins, if that.  Texas Tech will not field a good football team again this year.


The shadows will be long come late November at Jones Stadium and it is a good thing the season ending final is at Jerry Jones World in the Metroplex against Baylor.  Tickets for that season ending game should decide 8th place in the final conference standings.  The loser just one above poor Kansas.  If you want to attend, please step right up and buy your ducats. 


It would be an advantage for the Red Raiders if they were a tad better, getting Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia at home. But not this year.   Mark down those three as home loses. Look for a not as good (as from the past) offense to put up less points this season and the defense still getting run over, giving up plenty of yards to their opponents on the ground.  Yes, I understand that I am going against smart money with this team and the stoppers.  Many think with ten defensive starters coming back Tech will be improved here and be a bowl team with a better defense. I am not in that group.
Kingsbury need to have a winning year and improve on his 6-7 record of 2017.  It will not be easy for the 38 year old leader of men.   I do not see it sports fans.


Head Coach:  Kliff Kingsbury (7th year, 30-33)


Prediction for the Texas Tech Red Raiders for 2018…..


Games that Tech will win: Lamar, Kansas


Games that Tech could win but do not bank on it:  Ole Miss, Houston
Toss-up Games:  Baylor


Games that KU will not win:  Oklahoma State, West Virginia, TCU, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas State


Prediction for the Texas Tech Red Raiders:  2-9 and 1-8 in Big Twelve play


Feature photo credit:  https://cfbdynasty.com/2018-texas-tech-red-raiders-projected-depth-chart-football/






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