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OKC Needs a Head Coach to be “COACH” for this ‘team’…….

Basketball, five on five style, on any level, is a team game.  Passing, shot making, strong defense, taking care of the ball, being smart when making decisions, and a definitive style of play are all conducive to a winning team.


The word to remember is team.  TEAM.  The word INDIVIDUAL does not come into play with regard to TEAM.  What is good for the team is good for the players on the TEAM.  When you take into account what are the most important attributes that make the construction of the TEAM, the abilities of the head coach, the skills of the players, and the cohesiveness of both of these two is paramount in bringing a TEAM to a point of betterment.


The lack of a strong head coach can be the downfall of a collection of TEAM players if the coaching is weak in two areas.  What does the head coach want to have his TEAM players accomplish on the court, and can said coach get the message across to the TEAM players to carry out the plan.


Currently, the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA is a total mess.  A “team” that can bury the best “TEAM” in the world by sixteen points one night but get themselves get put in the grave the next couple of nights against inferior “TEAMS” is telling.


Something is awash on Reno Street and the laundry has two pieces.  One of the pieces is name Billy Donavan.  The other is named Russell Westbrook.  And until Coach Donavan and player Westbrook understand what the hell is going on the losses will continue until Coach Billy is fired and the players that construct the OKC Thunder with Russell are removed and newer players added.  I am talking specifically about Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.


Can Coach Billy Donavan actually tell Russell Westbrook how to run a play?  No, he can not.  The fact is that Russell Westbrook  is the important man of the two and will do what he wants on the court.  He is the INDIVIDUAL on this team and there is nothing Billy Donavan can do about it.  As long as a player runs the OKC Thunder, the OKC Thunder will be a team with the small t.


That is how I see it sports fans.



Feature photo found at:  http://trendbasket.net/billy-donovan-russell-en-ust-seviyede-kazanmak-istiyor-woj/

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