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Mike Gundy will be the next head football coach for the Tennessee Vols…….

We all come to a crossroads in life and it is my opinion that Mike Gundy, the current head coach at Oklahoma State has come to his and he will be named the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. The announcement will come after the Pokes final game of the regular season, or if they are included in the Big Twelve Championship Game, after that game.  Coach Gundy will leave his home school for various reasons.



  1. Being in the Big Twelve Conference and the lack of respect the league receives
  2. The fact that he has not been successful at Oklahoma State in winning Bedlam
  3. The fact that his chances of winning a National Title would be enhanced at Tennessee
  4. His high school son is a sophomore and will play his final two seasons in a better high school football environment
  5. Money-his salary at Knoxville will be almost twice as much as he is taking in with the Cowboys


Remember, this is my opinion and I could be wrong.  Sports fans, do not bet on it.


Photo Credit:  Kurt Steiss

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One Response to “Mike Gundy will be the next head football coach for the Tennessee Vols…….”

  1. November 15, 2017 at 12:08 am

    my feeling is tht the Vols will meet with Mike’s agent and offer him in the range of six, six and one half million on a five year contract with incentives and all that goes with a bigtime contract. As it is only my opinion, when a man reaches 50, things do change. If you have noticed Mike has been very nice and such with the program after his new contract. Do not get fooled that their is not a large buyout clause but it is not going to stop Tenn in any which way if they want him and he accepts. I think the time is right if it will ever happen. As I do not see Gundy coaching past 60, a move would do two things immediately….put Gundy on a new and exciting course and two, give him a program that would never be a second fiddle if he is successful. And Gundy thinks highly of himself and a challange like Tenn would be just what he doctor ordered………..my feeling is that it will be offered and the $$$$ and the situation will be just right for the move. Any professional always likes new challenges and new experiences. At 50, this is the time. Pat Jones had a time when he could have moved from OSU to a much better program at the time but did not and look what happened.

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