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Westbrook and Durant Meet After Dinner Last Night

(Adult language-parental guidance advised)

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant got together last night to work on their strained personal relationship that ensued after Durant signed with Golden State last summer to play for the Warriors.  They met eye ball to eye ball after dinner last night in Oklahoma City at the Mahogany Steak House, in the manager office.  With some hesitation by both, they agreed to the sit down.  The meeting was arranged by the Hall-of-Fame ball player Magic Johnson.

The conversation of the two as recorded by a hidden microphone that was placed by Harry Caul, world renowned  surveillance expert  from San Francisco that had a tip that the meeting had been previously scheduled before the game last night.


KD:  Hi Russell.  Why so much hate bro?

RW:  Does it show?  Do I have to tell you why?  Are you that unaware of yourself?  What the fuck do you think?  Let me start with your conversations with Draymond all last year, even while we were in the playoffs trying to win a championship.  And what about Curry?  And what about whomever on your new team…….bro?  Mother fuck.

KD:  ok (looking somewhat surprised, but not really)

RW:  Don’t bow your head man. You were on the teat of the Warriors all last year.  And I and Mr. Presti didn’t have a fucking clue you were having these little…..let’s call them love talks, intimate  sweet nothings.  God Damn you.  You don’t talk to players you are wanting to beat. Are you some dumb shit?

KD:  ok

RW:  Na, I don’t need a answer. I should have known you were playing a con with OKC and Mr. Presti, and me.  And the other players.  Your fucking agent Jay-Z told the world that Oklahoma City wasn’t the place for you.  He said it was too small a market for you. Hell, I should have known.  Your friendships here went as far as your mother would allow it. When are you going to grow some balls and be a man KD?  You are a momma’s boy.

KD: no response (Looks up at Russell with a composed anger showing)

RW:  You played me.  Your mother goes and buys a big mansion in the Bay area a couple of weeks before your announcement that you chose Golden State.  But that was not my problem with you man.  You just needed not to play the con man. You knew god damn well way before you announced your decison you were going to be with your real friends Draymond and Stephan.  But you played the world man.  Fuck it.

KD:  ok (He again lowers his head and does not make eye contact)

RW: (staring a hole at KD)  You won’t man up.  You think your team mates in OKC didn’t know you were a snake in the grass last year?  You hurt them.  You were going to California if we won it all last year or not.  Right man?  But the way you conduct business is just plain lame man.  And you blow up “our” team which is deplorable in itself. But you conned us. I know why you could not call me that day you chose Golden State. You are a coward.   Just one god damn phone call? Mother fucking coward.  (Westbrook gets up and starts to walk to the door)

KD:  ok (stays sitting)

RW: (turns around at KD)  Listen man.  I won’t forgive you for what you did to the Thunder, the Oklahoma City fans, Sam, and to your team mates that thought a lot about you.  Love man?  Ever think why you can’t find a woman to marry you?  She would have to marry your mamma.   Have a great season Kevin.  I will never bring up what I said again, to you or anyone else.  And for what it is worth. you are still my bro.

KD: Hides his head in his hands as Westbrook walks out of the room


(A work of historical fiction that does not represent a true event that occurred)


Photo: Kevin Durant eating dinner in OKC in the same restaurant as Russell Westbrook….Photo not credited: found on a Twitter that did not reference it’s source


Feature Photo:  OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – FEBRUARY 11: Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors face off during the first half of a NBA game at the Chesapeake Energy Arena on February 11, 2017 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   Getty Imags



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3 Responses to “Westbrook and Durant Meet After Dinner Last Night”

  1. February 12, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Some NBA fans in OKC wonder how Russell can play with KD and his Warrior playmates……. please people. Russell is the total professional. When he steps on the court with the Warrior all-stars he becomes a Western Conference team player. He goes all out for the men on his side and in that all-star game he will be Russell the ball player….don’t expect anything else with him. He is old school as they come. And for what it is worth, Russell and Draymond Green (GS asshole) are cut from the same cloth in many ways….all in 100 percent and alpha males…..something that Kevin Durant never will be (and it is not KD’s fault….not in his DNA and with a mother like his, he never had a chance even if it was.)

  2. February 12, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    You had me going for a minute there when I read the small print and realized it was fictitious… Still, I liked it, very funny, very cool and yeah Westbrook RULZ!

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