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Durant the Villain……makes you happy Kevin?

I am buying what Kevin Durant is selling right now. In fact, as he himself said,  he has become a villain, unpopular, and for the most part, a very polarizing and a negative NBA person. I did not use the word player. Person. He has taken a hit on being “good” in the eyes of most fans of the Association. This change in his persona is telling, as he is spinning his excuses of his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. He has taken this change wanting us to feel sorry for him, and that is just not happening. The new Kevin Durant is a sad Kevin Durant, behind those kid like smiles he rarely showed in Oklahoma City. If a man has digressed from just that, being a man, a leader, a stand-up guy, you have Kevin Durant.

On the blacklash and becoming a “villain”, Durant had this to say.

“Yeah, it’s difficult. I’m not used to this much attention, but I’m getting used to it. Obviously, people don’t like me right now, but it is what it is. I can’t please them all. I’ve got to still go out there and handle my business. He continued, “They’re not going to get up at 9 o’clock in the morning and work on their game for me. I’ve got to do all of that on my own. I can’t worry about people on the outside. I’ve got to go to sleep at night, I’ve got to get up and I’ve got to perform. I’ve got to do all that stuff. It is what it is. Once we start playing the games, I’ll feel a little bit more better. Right now, it’s definitely a change. There’s a different vibe going around, but I’ll get used to it.”

First, Kevin Durant, lets tell it as it is. You are not used to this much “negative” attention, and I suspect that you are not getting use to it either. That has not what you have been known for, negativity.  In Oklahoma City, one mislabeled story with a hurtful headline almost sent you into a seizure. No, you are doing a great job on your own by not pleasing fans in twenty-nine cities in the league. Yes, your words, they are what  they are. Is it cool  to be a turncoat athlete that would rather join your opponent and leave your best teammates and “loving” fans for your own personal wants? You want a championship. What did your other teammates in Oklahoma City want? Second place, which is what you gave them?

You are the hardest worker in the league. You get to finally play with your favorite new teammates. The vibes are there.  Great for you Mr. Selfish.  How hard was it for last year when you had to work hard even though you had to have those phone calls with the Warrior players?  What time did have those conversations?  Just before or after a game.  Did you get to run into the Warrior locker room to say pleasantries with your new found friends?

You get up at 9:00?  Really?  Poor you.  You know how that sounds to the average hard working American. You get more money playing one quarter of an NBA game ($40,000) than the average worker makes in a year. On that comment, you should get on your knees and thank whomever for your abilities. You have lost all perspective my man. What happen to you?

Live your life Kevin Durant. Hope you are happy. Hope Russell Westbrook talks to you again. And stop with the giddy smile. It is as fake as you have become.

Photo found at:  http://www.basket4us.com/nba/steve-kerr-bromea-rol-kevin-durant-golden-state-197898

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