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Klay Thompson’s shooting is as good as it gets; OKC Thunder set up game seven with loss

I follow my Oklahoma City Thunder with my presence in Loud City, sitting in Sec. 315, Row D, Seat 16.  I have missed a few games in the years the team has been in my hometown, usually when a family function calls, an illness happens, or on occasion, giving my tickets to a relative, friend, or one of my business associates that lease one of my properties.  I can also say that I sit behind the Thunder’s number one fan, a man that has been featured in the Daily Oklahoman on the front page for not ever missing a home game since the establishment of the team in OKC. Also next to me and one row above to the right, I sit with a family from Pampa, Texas, who also makes many games after a drive in from West Texas.  His seven seats are always occupied.  I sit in rich Thunder company. My section of Loud City bleed Thunder blue.   With that, I was not as much upset with the loss of the Thunder last night leaving the Chesapeake Energy Arena as I was in awe of Golden State’s Klay Thompson who ripped the Thunder a new one.  Thompson made eleven of eighteen three point shots in their 108-101 come from behind victory as the Thunder offense shut down in the final two minutes and change. Russell Westbrook and crew got off only one shot from the floor during those terrible few minutes as the Thunder’s point guard turned the ball over four times to ensure the loss.  As some will say, as Thompson and the Warriors stepped up in crunch time, Westbrook and the Thunder flittered away any chance of wrapping up the Western Conference Finals by turning the ball over to Stephan Curry and his NBA champs on a  silver platter.  Golden State got a historic shooting production from Thompson (threes made in a playoff game) and OKC got a trip back to Oakland to take care of business.

I have witnessed some great shooters in the many years of watching the game.   On the high school level in Oklahoma, Bo Overton was as good as there was.  The current Oklahoma City University’s women’s head coach and former Oklahoma Sooner player and women’s assistant coach,  was a deadly long range gunner at Ada High. He was unconscious as a shooter.  On the college level, watching Mike Evens at Kansas State University shredding the nets against Marquette in the Midwest Regionals in the 1977 NCAA tournament in OKC was as good as it gets.  He would stand at the top of the key and hit shots, with hands in his face, over and over.  Marquette and coach Al McGuire when on to win the Championship but Evans shooting was as good as I ever saw.   Then last night, Klay Thompson’s thirty footer straight on the bucket, with a hand in his face.   That “splash” was worth every penny to see, even to a Thunder fan.   Thompson might be second fiddle to Curry in most people’s mind, but for me, Klay is as good a shooter as Stephen, and he is the one that saved the day for Golden State on May 28, 2016 in the Peak.  Thompson is as good as it gets. And hopefully, he has shot his wad for Monday night, for Thunder’s (and Russell’s and KD’s) sake.



Feature Photo found at:  http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/05/klay-thompson-history-11-threes-warriors-game-6-comeback-win)


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One Response to “Klay Thompson’s shooting is as good as it gets; OKC Thunder set up game seven with loss”

  1. Edna Pitts
    May 29, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    Agree with you on all points. Klay was unbelievable. I’m not even sure he could see the goal on some of his shots. He definitely could play on my team and I would take him over Curry.

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