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Sooner Nation, if you do not think there is an effort on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman to do away with the nickname “Sooner” and the “Boomer Sooner” call out, wake up.  Everything to do with the history of the State of Oklahoma that has a reference with the words  Sooners, Boomers, the land run, and it’s current use, including its mascots and glorious past is in jeopardy, as we are entering the “twilight zone”.



There is a war on the history of the State of Oklahoma, and it is getting ugly.  It is spilling over on the campus in Norman. Currently afoot, there are subversives on campus, some enrolled students, others just plain out and out haters of anything to do with Oklahoma history, that have the agenda for one day to have the University to wipe clean what is now call the Oklahoma Sooners in every respect. These people want OU’s mascot to be a color, an animal, or some sort of weather storm.  That might just happen in the coming years…..SOONER than later.  They will use any and every means to get their way. Scoff at it if you wish, but the cement is setting right now and when the current President at Oklahoma takes retirement, a strong push to exclude the Sooners from the university will take full flight with the new administration.  OU President David Boren is a true die hard Sooner supporter, but his replacement will be under intense pressure to put the screws on the SOONER moniker.

From the OU Daily, just today:  

The Undergraduate Student Congress voted against a resolution Tuesday amid concerns of the resolution’s use of the phrase “boomer sooner.”

The resolution, authored by Humanities Representative Brian Owings, would have been Congress publicly saying “boomer sooner” to congratulate OU athletic teams. The resolution would then have been distributed to representatives of those respective teams.

Another representative proposed a hostile amendment to strike the phrase “boomer sooner” due to the controversy surrounding it, but the amendment was defeated by a hand vote.

Opponents of the resolution argued against it because of the controversy of the phrase “boomer sooner,” an issue brought to the forefront in September by student group Indigenize OU, which argued that the phrase contributes to the erasure of Native people and their history. Others worried that it would show favoritism to sports teams over other campus groups.

The resolution was defeated by a vote of 13 for and 20 against, with 1 representative abstaining.


The action against the Sooners nickname and everything it represents has begun. This resolution was not passed today but it is just the beginning.   Chalk one up for the subversives….the athletic teams at OU will not be congratulated by this Student Congress because of the words “Boomer Sooner”.

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  1. April 20, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    Sooner Born Sooner Bred and when I die I’ll
    Be SoONEr dead🏈

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