After viewing another Oklahoma City Thunder year, ending yesterday, I have some thoughts about the historic and successful 2023-2024 regular season.  As a season ticket holder since the first game in 2007 to the present, and never missing a game, home or away, via TV, on the road for OKC, I have earned my comments on the team.  Even if I am off base with what I say (no big deal), I totally respect any conflicting opinions, but not any personal condescending remarks that might be made.  With that, I will continue.


The Thunder are going into the playoffs as the number one seed in the Western Conference. But OKC is not getting much respect by many.  A positive light with many media, fans, and the NBA in general, is just not there.  The casual fans cannot accept this team as a challenger to come out of the West, and reasons mostly deal with the youth and experience of the players and coaches.  This view has been taken for much of the year, finding reasons to put down the accomplishments of the Thunder while giving excuses to other teams in the West for their lack of winning at a higher clip than OKC. 

Viewing hundreds of podcasts from across the country after games, others that follow the NBA seem to always give excuses on why “their” team lost, and not they got beat by a better team.  With that mindset, many think that OKC will not win their first round series, let alone taking any team to the Western Finals.  A possibility to meet the Eastern Conference Finals winner is surely out of the question, and even those people that do understand the Thunder as a “good team” in the Association, do not give any hope for the team on Reno Street to win this year.  That could be true, but if you ask the other teams in the West if they want to play OKC, I am sure the ones that do are going to find out something that will shock them. 

OKC is not just good, but they are a great team.  The Thunder are young, talented, and as deep as any team.  The lack of experience could sneak up on the unsuspecting that think they are better just because they have been there before.  Old legs, injuries, and the past can be a detriment to teams with all-time greats in their lineups but are just not that good today. 

Respect is not easy to earn. Respect for OKC HAS been earned, and it is on you if you do not see it.  OKC did win the West and have the top seed.  Teams that do NOT respect OKC will regret that, maybe later than 2024 playoffs, but maybe just sooner, like 2024.  OKC is not guaranteed a gosh darn thing come Sunday afternoon in the Paycom. But neither are any team with some worn out has beens.  Talent usually wins out in a seven game series, and OKC has another chance to make more history as being the youngest team to win it all.



A quick look at OKC:

  1. Some teams are in fact old, injuries pop up almost game to game, and some players are injury prone.

  2. Some teams are not as well coached as others.  OKC will hold its own in the coaching department in these playoffs.

  3. Home court is important and OKC is a very hostile place to play as of playoff history.

  4. OKC’s defense and offensive are both in the upper quadrant in the Association.

  5. OKC leads the league in 3-point shooting percentage

  6. SGA is not the only star on this team.

  7. OKC has more than one lock down defender.

  8. OKC has two of the most efficient players in crunch time.

  9. OKC knows the future is now, but it is also for the foreseeable future.  This team is going to get better as the years pass.

  10. Nobody give OKC a chance to win it all.  The mental aspect is totally in the Thunder favor every time that play


Talent and experience win in the playoffs over talent and inexperience.  OKC will try to break the mold in 2024.



Feature photo:  OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – APRIL 14: Jalen Williams #8 of the Oklahoma City Thunder goes up for a Getty Images


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