The Oklahoma Sooners men’s basketball team did not make the 2024 NCAA Tournament under 3rd year head coach Porter Moser.  The 2023 Sooners men did not make the 2023 NCAA Tournament under him either.  The 2022 Sooners men team did not make the 2021 NCAA Tournament under this coach in his first team in Norman.  And the beat goes on……….

With the past being a great inkling for the Oklahoma men’s basketball team’s expectations for their 2024-2025 season, do not look for the Sooners to make the 2025 NCAA Tournament.  And the outlook for this program?  The success of this coach and of this program is not projecting what would be acceptable for them as they enter the SEC.  And the beat goes on and on and on.

As the Oklahoma University’s athletic department looks for a some luminance for a future in this male sport, darkness seems to take the day and a seat in the basement of the SEC is upcoming as of my early projection.

Porter Moser cannot continue to lose almost every acceptable player at the end of each and every season,  To rebuild a team for an upcoming season is now the norm.   And the beat goes on and on and on. 

Cut ties with this coach, hire the head coach at Langston, just up the road from Norman, pay him a base salary of $250,000 with a no cut clause for three years.  Give the man a $1,000,000 bonus if he makes the NCAA in each and any year the team is in the NCAA Tournament, and let the marbles roll where they roll.  OU is in need for a change, from a coach that is proven to be over his head.  Give the guy from a small school that has shown he can build a program from scratch.  OU is again at scratch. 


Chris Wright, Head Coach. Langston University.

Feature Photo:  Porter Moser, Head Coach, Univ. Of Oklahoma


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