Knowing a little about getting a psychological advantage in sport, Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Mark Daigneault’s comment Saturday night in preparation for their first play-in game Wednesday night on the road was not positive in any which way.  And I hope the Wednesday opponent does not hear the comment.  OKC hopes to win but do they think they will win?  Here is what Coach said:  We just want to know who it is so we can get to work,” Daigneault said of the Thunder’s play-in opponent. “It’ll be interesting to see who it ends up being. We’ll have to prep for the other side of the play-in bracket in the case that we can win the game. But in terms of preference, we’re excited for the opportunity. We’ll play whoever we’re supposed to play.

In describing OKC’s preparation work for a possible two game series, both on the road, against different opponents, Daigneault’s key words “IN THE CASE THAT WE CAN WIN THE GAME”.  No, Coach should have said after we win Wednesday we have to have already worked on the 2nd game opponent of the play-in tounament.  Team confidence is important and what has been said is not positive for a win on Wednesday.

Being positive always gives you an advantage and little things like “words” do matter.  Right now, OKC does not have that mental advantage. The opponent on Wednesday does if they hear Daigneault’s take.  

That is the way I see it sports fans.


Photo: Sky Sports


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