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Al Eschbach-Oklahoma’s Best Sports Talk Radio Personality

AL Eschbach-Oklahoma’s Best Sports Talk Radio Personality……………..Some of my friends don’t listen to Al Eschbach on WWLS Radio (The Sports Animal 98.1 in the Oklahoma City market) and that’s just fine with me. Some of my friends listen to him everyday and don’t particularly like his on air personality either. That’s OK also. What matters to me is that if I am not engaged in something that takes me away from the radio on most afternoons I will tune to WWLS and listen Oklahoma’s best sports talk radio personality, “and I might add” an Oklahoma Treasure, in the same mold as Bob Barry Sr was in his niche. The little German from the East Coast (through Oklahoma Univ. the Oklahoma Journal, KTOK, whatever that Kansas city radio station was, and WWLS) is simply the best.


Some complain about Al and his act on air. This is, as “Baarrrie Twammell”, would say, “just plain kwayzie.” Anyone saying bad things about Al should remember Big Bob Barry. One day Al won’t be with us and that will be a really bad day. As great as Big Bob was, Al is in the same class. Well, maybe Al has some, what you call it, skeletons in his closet, but just the same, Al is an Oklahoma treasure, or jewel, or what ever you call it. I have been around Al, at various games, etc for many many years and have never stopped him and said how much I have enjoyed him, listening to him, etc. Next time I have a chance to do so, I will say, you are special. The best radio talk show host I have ever heard.
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