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It seems like Baylor football program rotten to the core

Allegations of rape, including gang rape by members of the tooball team over the past few years have put a “new” suspicious black cloud over the Baylor athletic program.  From the Associated Press, released yesterday:

WACO, Texas (AP) A former Baylor University student who says she was raped by two football players filed a federal lawsuit Friday against the school that alleges there were dozens more assaults of women involving other players.

The lawsuit by the student, who is listed in the documents only as ”Elizabeth Doe,” alleges at least 52 rapes by more than 30 football players over a four-year period.

It also alleges a ”culture of sexual violence” and describes her 2013 attack by two players. It doesn’t detail the other alleged attacks, but says some were recorded by the players, who shared them with friends.

Fifty-two assaults would dramatically increase the 17 reports of sexual and physical attacks involving 19 players since 2011 previously acknowledged by Baylor officials.


Currently, Baylor has five lawsuits that they are dealing with including reported rapes of women that the University did not deal with, report to authorities, and covered up to protect the football program and the school in general.

For the past season, Baylor let go it’s ultra successful football coach Art Briles, but retained their assistants for the just finished 2016 season.  New head coach Matt Rhule has not retained any of the staff in his incoming year at Waco.

Baylor President David E. Garland commented with regard to the school’s success in the matter:

”Baylor University has taken unprecedented actions that have been well-documented in response to the issue of past and alleged sexual assaults involving our campus community. We have made great progress in implementing 105 recommendations to strengthen the safety and security of all students and restore faith in the university.”

The attorney for “Elizabeth Doe”, John Clune remarked, “we have been working with Baylor on these football cases since the start of this, and though we have appreciated their efforts to fix the problems, this is one that needed to be filed.  As hard as the events at Baylor have been for people to hear, what went on there was much worse than has been reported. We do still appreciate the progress that Baylor has made and know that the school will be a better place when this case is over.”

It is finally time for the Big Twelve, and the NCAA,  to step into this mess and make an example on the Baylor program, like they did with the Penn State debacle.  If found guilty of a cover-up initiated by higher ups in the Baylor program from this new information, a death penalty of the football program would be appropriate.


FILE – In this March 20, 2015, file photo, then-Baylor coach Art Briles, left, and offensive coordinator Kendal Briles, right, watch a play during the team’s NCAA college football intrasquad scrimmage in Waco, Texas. Baylor has kept intact its assistant coaching staff after firing coach Art Briles despite an investigation’s multiple findings that football “coaches” had inappropriate conduct and influence in school assault investigations. Interim coach Jim Grobe said last week that he would retain all of Briles’ position coaches. That includes Kendal Briles (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File)


Feature photo:  Jerome Miron, USA Today Sports




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