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Fredsportsextra’s Top 25 for September 21


Photo: Kyle Robertson, Dispatch

The teams in the Top 25 are filtering to the top positions and Week three in College Football saw the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Louisville Cardinals win significant games over the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida State Seminoles respectfully.  A handful of teams are serious contenders to win the National Title and a few more are actual strong contenders to make the final four.  Key for my Top 25:  SC means a team that is an actual threat to win the title; FF means a team that could possibly make the four playoff.



Fredsportsextra Top 25
  1.  Alabama  3-0  SC
  2. Ohio State  3-0  SC
  3. Louisville   3-0  SC
  4. Stanford  2-0  SC
  5. Clemson 3-0  SC
  6. Michigan State  2-0  SC
  7. Houston  3-0  FF
  8. Michigan  3-0  FF
  9. Washington  3-0  FF
  10. Wisconsin  3-0
  11. Ole Miss  1-2
  12. Baylor 3-0
  13. West Virginia 3-0
  14. Florida State 2-1
  15. North Dakota State  3-0
  16. Texas A&M  3-0
  17. Utah  3-0
  18. Arkansas  3-0
  19. Nebraska  3-0
  20. Tennessee  3-0
  21. TCU 2-1
  22. Florida  3-0
  23. Oklahoma State  2-1
  24. Army  3-0
  25. Oklahoma  1-2
National Semi-finals:  Alabama, Ohio State,  Stanford, Louisville
National Championship game:  Alabama and Ohio State
National Champion:  Ohio State



James Washington-Oklahoma State vs Pittsburgh-Devin L. Wilber/O’Colly


Feature Photo:  Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images  Bama and Ole Miss



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