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What can Oklahoma State fans expect from Brad Underwood?


Jawan Evans could be the best player in the Big 12 in 2016-17 (Photo Credit: CBS Sports)

The introductions are over, the current players have been recruited back to Oklahoma State, and the new coach, Brad Underwood is hiring of those he wants to help him coach the team in 2016-2017.  The Suttons are back in the fold, the fans are itchy for a significant improvement, and the Big Twelve Conference has a new guy on the block to deal with in Stillwater.  Want any more?  Brad Underwood can bring it, and Cowboy fans get your seat in the saddle as this horse is ready to ride off into the land of victories.  OSU can win big in Underwood’s initial season for a host of reason, but we can dwell on one immediately.  Underwood has paid his dues to the coaching profession and has learned how a winning program does it’s business in the right way.


OSU has hired a coach that bases his program in the fundamentals of not only hard work, but smart work,  the two essentials of a successful basketball team.  His players will be schooled in smarts, making the correct decisions, and playing within themselves.  The athletic ability of his players, in time, will match the intensity of the play, especially on defense, and in time, on offense.  The time of a team just playing hard for the coach is over on the hardwood of Sutton’s court. Underwood will put on the floor a team that will be schooled in proper play, a thing that Eddie Sutton and Mr.Iba’s teams always accomplished, in wins, and even in losses.  No more will players look like they are out of place, out of synch. Underwood will have none of that.  If they play stupid ball, it won’t be long that they won’t play in his system on his team.  Coach Sutton and Mr. Iba were just like that, in spades.



With the returning player (will not mention by name), the Pokes might have the best player in the league next year, along with other fine players that will lean to play the game the right way.  Former Coach Travis Ford didn’t recruit bad players.


OSU, in my opinion, will win immediately. Underwood did at Stephen F. Austin University and he will continue to do the same at Oklahoma State.  Times are changing for the good and if you are a basketball supporter for the Pokes, those times will be exciting and victorious.


Top Photo:  http://www.newson6.com/story/31548501/osu-to-introduce-new-mens-basketball-head-coach-brad-underwood

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