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Doug Gottlieb- A Possible Head Coach for Oklahoma State Basketball?




With an impending firing of Oklahoma State’s men’s basketball coach Travis Ford, speculation that Cowboy  Athletic Director Mike Holder could do the unexpected and bring former Poke guard Doug Gotllieb on board is truly fascinating.    Could this possibly happen?  And could a Gottlieb hiring be the right thing to do in rejuvenating a once proud program of the Big Twelve Conference?


A seven million dollar buyout this summer would send current coach Travis Ford on the road to riches and another job.  Ford has been a complete disappointment in Stillwater.  Given a ten year contract with three years remaining at the end of this disastrous season, Cowboy fans have abandoned this coach and the program in general.  A little as two thousand fans now attend Big Twelve home games and a current  ninth place out of ten teams is not acceptable for Oklahoma State.  The decision AD Holder has to make is to give Ford his money at the end of the season or keep him, at least for one more season, hoping that Ford’s returning team in 2016-2017 can turn the corner.  If Holder takes the first option and buys out Ford, the Gottlieb move to the head coaching chair is a strong possibility.  OSU will need to bring in a person that can pull the program together, bring excitement to the confines of Galagher-Iba Arena, and work on getting the Cowboys back into the NCAA tournament on a regular basis.


Doug Gottlieb would bring a lot to the table for Oklahoma State.  A basketball junkie, Gottlieb is well schooled in the game and has a pedigree second to none.  With various family members a part of the coaching fraternity, Gottlieb himself has coached at a young age, abet in an unofficial position.  The fact of the matter is that even without experience you can put on a resume, Gottlieb would not be out of his element taking a high profile position as in the job in Stillwater.  He has a national presence as a basketball voice at CBS Sports which could help in recruiting.  At forty, he is a man, as the Poke’s football coach Mike Gundy said eight years ago.


Would Holder actually choose Gottieb?  I say it is not a stretch.  The University needs a Aggie in the job, one that loves the school, is in the Henry Iba coaching tree, and holds his college coach Eddie Sutton in highest esteem.  Yes, if Mike Holder wants to do the right thing, honor the school, its former coaches, and especially the fans that would love to support their school.  An instant favorable reaction would be great for all involved.   Gotlieb could and would do the job in a good way.


Top Photo:  Doug Gottlieb (CLIFF SCHIAPPA/AP)

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