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Now to the Sham of College Football; Alabama and Western Michigan my National Champions

As we come to the cable program on ESPN tomorrow to have the idiots of college football tell us who the best four teams in college football are for this year, my feeling is it is now the time to shut your college football season down as we come to the annual “eye test”  opinion on the four teams that will continue to play in games tat give a good damn.   For me, the season ends with the play on the field today.  My National Champion will be Alabama as they are the best through my “EYE TEST” with the other undefeated team, Western Michigan, my National Runner-up.   If I want, which I can, I will allow both to share the Title, and my NC was decided on the field.  Take that sports fans. If you don’t like it, you know where you can take it.



Only kidding

The committee, as much as I respect you as people, I do not respect what you are doing.  You are going to tell me Washington is better than Penn State, or that a one loss Ohio State is more deserving that a one loss Clemson, or an unbeaten Western Michigan is better than an unbeaten Alabama?  And Oklahoma and Michigan, you are not worthy?


When the game goes from the field to the minds of men and the woman on the committee, we have bias…… disrespects the game.


Take YOUR so-called Final Four and YOUR way to crown a National Champion and shove it.   Opinions to decide who plays for all the marbles?  Take the format and shove it. That is the way I see it sports fans.


Sham:  falsely present something as the truth.